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Security tops healthcare CIOs' concerns

IT security remains the greatest concern for healthcare chief information officers, says IDC.


Banks must think like tech companies

For banks to be more competitive, they must be innovative, agile and embrace new technology in the same way as tech companies.


Conflicts between IT and marketing challenge digitisation

The clashing values of IT and marketing departments is a common challenge to the digital transformation of businesses, say experts.


IT Personality, Visionary CIO top 10 shortlists revealed

Have your say, vote online before 21 September.


Businesses overestimate agility

While a majority of businesses believe they are agile, many cannot flexibly manage workloads, says Oracle.


Video surveillance systems: the CIO's role

The surveillance system requires operational, security and functional processes in place, which usually falls under the domain of the CIO, says Pieter Smuts, GM of the FS-Systems johannesburg division.


IT Personality, Visionary CIO top 10 revealed

Have your say, vote online before 21 September.


Advanced analytics a must in SA

Businesses today operate in a competitive environment and can't afford to delay. This is where advanced analytics comes in, says SAS Institute.


Six ways to improve customer experience

Customer experience management helps companies to change the way they handle customer interactions as they happen, says Cecilia Jofré, executive of Intuate Group.

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