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Confusion shrouds hybrid cloud

Companies are confused about what hybrid cloud means and what is required to prepare for its implementation, says Avanade.


'Thingalytics' takes on digital disruption

Business needs "thingalytics" to make sense of the fast big data that flows from the digital planet, says Software AG.


'Robot invasion' imminent

Intelligent applications will soon take over personal lives and business operations, says VCE.


Agility demands adaptive leadership styles

In an agile environment, leadership mindsets need to shift from a traditional to an adaptive leadership style.


Unified communications breaks silos

The technology serves to break down silos with a common interface that makes it easier to communicate, says Telkom.


CIOs at the speed of business

The speed of business today demands CIOs become ever-more agile, resilient, secure and innovative, says IDC.


Successfully executing agile transformation

Effective agile transformation depends on how much preparation was done, says DVT.


Digital business models test CIOs

The influx of new technologies presents challenges to chief information officers, says Regent Insurance.


All set for IDC's SA CIO Summit

Local CIOs' need to balance innovation, new technology and efficiency will be scrutinised at the event in Johannesburg.

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William (Bill) BinneyInternational keynote: William (Bill) Binney, former NSA director
Bill spent more than 30 years working at the NSA, and has been described as one of the best analysts in its history. He left the agency in 2001, having publicly disagreed with its data collection policies. During his keynote he'll draw back the veil and reveal what the state-adversary looks like from the inside.

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