Jannie Pretorius

Professional services manager, Elingo

Jannie Pretorius is the consummate communications industry professional. With over 10 years’ experience, Pretorius has served in a number of roles, from engineering and development right through to consultation and management. He is the professional services manager at Elingo and is responsible for the projects office consisting of a team of project managers, business analysts and engineers. During his career with Elingo, Pretorius was the primary engineer and developer for high-profile and established firms, including MiWay Insurance, the Department of Justice, South African Post Office and BMW.

His skills sets are not just limited to the technical – his true value lies in being able to analyse business processes and advise clients on the best approach to business process automation. He has a unique ability to delve into the processes behind a business, seriously and auspiciously considers the project, then the programme and then the development. Pretorius doesn’t overwhelm clients with his technical expertise; he makes himself available from the outset and speaks clearly and without judgment or preconceived notions. He is a supporter and an enabler – a true partner, with the capability to fulfil both a strategy and programmer’s role.

He specialises in recommending growth plans to fit the needs of clients, taking into consideration the complexity and challenges of making such solutions fit into the different layouts and designs of customer businesses. It is for this reason that Pretorius earned much praise and recognition for his leading the largest business automation project for Genesys/Interactive Intelligence's CIC (Customer Interaction Centre) platform globally, as one of his business-focused success stories – not only for the design of the automation solution, but also its release into business. He helped identify important areas for high return on investment and the people within the customer business that can drive the platform forward with hands-on training.

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