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Ivo Vegter, columist, speaker, authorIvo Vegter, columist, speaker, author

Tech update: How innovation is better in Africa

Toby Shapshak, editor-in-chief and publisher, Stuff magazine Toby Shapshak, editor-in-chief and publisher, Stuff magazine

Africa's unique problems have resulted in a unique brand of innovation out of necessity, often using mobile phones. Africa's innovative spirit has produced mobile payment systems like M-Pesa (through which $148 million a day or 40% of Kenya's GDP is transacted) and other ground-breaking inventions. And, while solving these problems for itself, it will benefit the rest of the world. Africa is not just mobile-first; it is a mobile-only continent.

  • Innovation is better in Africa because it's solving real problems
  • Africa's solutions can benefit the rest of the world because they work in the harshest environments

The best and the worst mobile apps in SA

Fred Felton, communications strategist, FalconscoveFred Felton, communications strategist, Falconscove

The best and worst apps in the healthcare, retail, finance and manufacturing sectors. Felton will look at some of the most downloaded apps and the apps that have the worst record. He will explain what makes a good app and what makes a bad app. He will give advice on how delegates can create their own apps that may just solve pressing problems in SA at the moment. Finally, he will explore the future of apps and what is possible in the near future with apps.

  • What makes a good mobile app
  • How apps can help solve our current problems
  • The future of apps
Industry perspective – finance: What we know of AI and ML

Willie Strydom, enterprise security architect, WesbankWillie Strydom, enterprise security architect, Wesbank
Kevin Stroud, developer emerging technologies, Wesbank

Is AI really such a game changer, or is it just another buzzword? In this talk we will explore why AI is the natural evolution of IT, but more importantly why is it needed. We will also be looking at what is it likely to do for the industry as a whole and how the industry will change the way we work with IT to come. What is the next generation likely to do with AI empowered IT? We know consumers use mobile devices more than conventional (old school PC’s) today. Five years ago you would research your next holiday or trip online via a PC and webpages. Today, you would most likely use an app on your mobile device. Well AI is one of those disrupters, in the future, you would most likely use a chatbot or something similar.

  • A view of the future
  • We explore the concerns: Are we collectively building Skynet?
  • We explore some design principles: What should AI know and learn?
  • We explore some great ideas: AI doing the heavy lifting, helping humans be better humans
Networking and refreshments
Industry perspective – retail and manufacturing: Technology vs humans, anecdotes from Africa and what it intimates for the future

Andrew Dawson, Commercial Director, MacmobileAndrew Dawson, Commercial director, Mac Investment Group of companies

A review of findings from our deployment of sales force automation, logistics, distribution and retail loyalty rewards platforms throughout Africa.

  • Humans are a necessary evil
  • Technology deployed without customer profiling and unique identity is short lived
  • Africa needs business with a conscience

Regulatory update: Global data protection regulation

John Giles, legal services provider, MichalsonsJohn Giles, legal services provider, Michalsons

  • The new rules that will control the processing of data around the world.
  • How they will impact all industry sectors in all countries.
  • The concept of "by design" regarding any advanced technology.
  • Looking at robot law as an example.

Industry perspective - healthcare: Revolutionising healthcare delivery in the digital age

Elliot Sack, director, eHealthGroupElliot Sack, director, eHealthGroup &
Dr Steve Holt, founder and MD, ER Consulting

Lunch and networking
Industry perspective - manufacturing: Robot automation, cashless vision and consumer targeting

Marko Trninic, solutions Africa: innovation and analytics director, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Industry perspective – finance : Effective IT strategy leadership

Mthandeni kaDumisani Langa, senior analyst, Commonwealth BankMthandeni kaDumisani Langa, senior analyst, Commonwealth Bank

Business, IT and organisational strategies logically hinge on efficient enterprise IT integration concepts that contextualise conceptual links between business, IT and organisational architectures to best address contextual business and socioeconomic needs. The presentation introduces a general theory of collaboration theoretically thriving on ITM as the art, philosophy and science of orchestrating strategic management principles to enliven the value of IT in pursuit of an optimum strategic intent in a continuum.

Networking and refreshments
Three Cs of cyber security

Manuel Corregedor, COO, Telspace SystemsManuel Corregedor, COO, Telspace Systems

In line with ITWeb Tech Update 2017's focus, ie, change, challenges and customers. This presentation will explore the changes that have taken place in information security, with a special focus on lessons learnt from Corregedor's experience in the retail and banking sectors of SA. He will also discuss the challenges faced by the sectors due to those changes.

  • Understanding the threats we are up against (external and internal)
  • Lessons learnt
  • Addressing the three Cs

Academic perspective: Bitcoin is treasure

Dr Neil Croft, Senior lecturer, University of Pretoria

What crypto currency isn’t

  • If you build it they will come
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