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Ivo Vegter, columist, speaker, authorIvo Vegter, columist, speaker, author

Thought-leadership: State we are in: dazed and disorientated, the impact of being 'woke'

Dion Chang, CEO and founder, Flux TrendsDion Chang, CEO and founder, Flux Trends

Tracking disruptive forces changing and moulding the business world since 2012 in the last two years that disruption – and the sense of unease it brings – has spread. Most people don't or can't embrace change, and change on this scale is visceral. What's next?

  • Brand activism moving from a sales-based mentality to a value-based one.
  • The presentation plays with the concept of being 'woke' in terms of technology. The machines have risen and now users are trying to understand the language of the machines (AI, deep learning, etc, which manifest in tools like Chabot).
  • The presentation also brings home just how close we are to "futuristic tends" like driverless cars, co-bots (aka service bots), algorithmic management (vs human management), and illustrates why the most frequently asked question Chang receives (as a futurist) is: "What's going to happen to our jobs when the machines take over?" This gives rise to the term, and follow-on discussion about, "The Great Displacement".

The Blockchain Revolution

Safiyya Patel, partner and head corporate practice, Webber WentzelSafiyya Patel, partner and head corporate practice, Webber Wentzel

This input will consider how Blockchain technology can revolutionise the way in which we do business. The most popular application of this type of technology is in Bitcoin, and the technology is already making its mark in more Fintech environments. But Bitcoin is just the beginning. Other ground-breaking applications, which are also based on this form of technology, include smart contracts, smart governments and smart identities. Smart contracts, not only has the potential to reduce reliance on lawyers in the near future but it could also become a major driver of social and institutional change. This talk will examine the functionalities of smart contracts, and how that new way of contracting will improve governance and efficiency and simultaneously reduce elements of risk, costs and vulnerability for corruption.

  • Improve governance
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce elements of risk, costs and vulnerability for corruption
Industry perspective - healthcare: Applying data analytics to detect, prevent and predict fraud in the health sector

Sonja Parsons, owner, Business Management Assignments

Why do we need to care? The world spends more than US$6.5 trillion on health services. The stakes are high and the resources precious: money lost to corruption could be used to buy medicines, equip hospitals or hire badly needed medical staff. Why are we not using the data we have stored to detect, prevent and detect corrupt activities which could mean the difference between life and death in the health sector?

  • The value of dramatising the value of IT in your organisation.
  • Management information is more than a "system" — it is integral to the success of the business.
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Ransomware and how it adversely impacts on every industry sector
Cloud management solutions
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The truth about digital economies and transformation

Syed Ahmed, CEO, MD and chief architect, BITS Consultancy ServicesSyed Ahmed Mohiuddin, CEO, MD and chief architect, BITS Consultancy Services

The evolution of digital economies and transformation has significantly affected all industries across the globe and has created more opportunities than ever before. Therefore, companies must take the path of digitalisation and have a clearly defined digital strategy and blueprint, with the focus on digital skills development and building the organisation, leadership, mind-set and culture, and adoption of appropriate digital technologies that the digital world requires.

  • Understanding the impact of digital economies and transformation across the industries.
  • Understanding the digital transformation journey based on customer experience and expectation.
  • What are the key digital transformation strategies organisations are adopting?
  • Learn the techniques about how companies go about digital transformation.
  • Understanding the common myth and questions about digital transformation.
Thought-leadership: The race in delivering for the 'now' customer

Jadie Naicker, technologist, innovator and digital leaderJadie Naicker, technologist, innovator and digital leader

Clients want what they want, when they want it and how they want it and at a price that makes sense to them. So, how do companies with impressive market heritage compete in this market? This talk will explore the already complex mix of strategy and operations, which is the innovator's dilemma! It will ask whether disruption from within is truly a boardroom imperative.

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Digital e-learning as an engagement strategy for South African healthcare community.

Linda Ravenhill, owner, The Medical Education Network

This presentation will highlight key experiences and lessons learnt through case studies on implementation in Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa for customers such as but not limited to Novartis, Sanofi-Genzyme, Adcock Ingram, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation via IAVI.

  • Explore eLearning as a means of digital community development
  • Lessons learnt from the various regions in Africa
  • How to make healthcare knowledge accessible outside of the urban environment
Understanding the chatbot, AI and IoT in a financial setting

Kobus van der Westhuizen, CIO, Genii Analytics

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