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Date: 18 & 19 October 2017
Venue: Focus Rooms, Sunninghill

The agent of change is here.
17-20 October 2017.

The rate of change extends beyond the extraordinary into the incredible. The facts that drizzle down around it are equally astonishing.

These are just a few of the statistics and numbers that should give every mind a moment to boggle. They are also impacting on the business and its future sustainability and stability.


  • Learn more about how to harness technology to dominate the potential of change in your industry.
  • Fred Felton from Falconscove will showcase the best and worst apps in healthcare.
  • Sonya Parsons of Business Management Assignments will explain why data is important to you.


  • Want to know why you should care about bitcoins or invest in artificial intelligence?
  • Andrew Dawson from the Mac Investment Group pits technology against people.
  • Dr Neil Croft from the University of Pretoria reveals the inner mind of cryptocurrency.


  • Relevant. Insightful. Immediate. Three terms that define the challenges facing finance. What does the future hold for an industry that undergoes relentless change?
  • Safiyya Patel of Webber Wentzel will reveal how blockchain will change business.
  • Willie Strydom and Kevin Stroud will examine the value of AI and ML and ask if these solutions really matter to the finance industry.


  • Change defines the evolution of industry and manufacturing is facing its most pressing challenges to date – how can this sector evolve alongside technology to remain sustainable today?
  • Marko Trninic of Solutions Africa unwraps the value of automation and consumer targeting.
  • Syed Ahmed Mohiuddin of BITS Consultancy Services will be presenting the truth about the digital economy and transformation.

Industry Tech update 2017 is where you get to meet the experts and tackle the shifts in industry and market and economy.


Dion Chang
Dion Chang is an innovator, creative thinker, a walking ideas bank and professional cage rattler
Toby Shapshak
Toby Shapshak is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Stuff Magazine

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This is the leading inaugural event on technological change within the retail, finance, manufacturing and pharmaceutical/medical sectors in Southern Africa. Over 100 business decision-makers will attend. If your company offers a product, service or solution that assists businesses with the technological changes that are afoot, then contact Debbie Visser: today for a detailed proposal on how you can maximise your brand at this event.