Apple watches Wrist banking

Banking apps accessed via smartwatches will skyrocket by 2020.

Internet Full speed

FTTH in SA’s suburbs could reach 360 000 subscriptions by 2019.

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Connecting to Project Isizwe WiFi is a risk worth taking, says CIO James Devine.
Connecting to Project Isizwe WiFi is a risk worth taking, says CIO James Devine.
Connect to Project Isizwe WiFi at own risk

There are a number of potential risks to watch out for when using its network, says the non-profit organisation.

Telkom extends SmartBroadband LTE packages

Telkom extends SmartBroadband packages to select parts of South Africa.

The telco outlines the next phase of its SmartBroadband uncapped wireless packages rollout, which will include 520 base stations across SA.

Discovery will pay for members' Apple Watch

Discovery Health will give Vitality members free Apple Watches, if they can reach personalised monthly fitness goals.

The health insurance company will pay for Vitality members' Apple Watches, if they meet personalised weekly fitness goals.

Google reveals street views of threatened wildlife

Google's new Street Views, captured by Polar Bears International, showcase the threatened habitats of polar bears in Canada.

Users of Google Maps can now access street views of remote locations around the world in which wildlife is threatened.

Smiley faces revolutionise communication

The 'face with tears of joy' emoji has been named Oxford Dictionary's word of the year.

So many people rely on emoji to convey meaning in communication that one was chosen as Oxford Dictionary's word of the year.

Absa, MTN provide free online banking

The Absa banking application will be pre-loaded on Huawei's latest smartphone range.

Banking customers on the MTN network will have access to Absa's mobi site and Internet banking free of charge.

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M-Net makes U-turn after racism storm

The pay-TV operator has now opened its internship programme to candidates from all race groups.

Bytes announces CEO's successor

Andrew Holden will take over the leadership role at Bytes Technology Group in March as incumbent CEO Rob Abraham retires.

Android Chrome saves on data

A new update to Chrome's Data Saver mode lets Android users save up to 70% on mobile data.

MWeb boosts fibre offering

The Internet service provider announces FTTH growth, new partnerships and decreased pricing for existing customers.

SA's digital drive stagnates

ICT development in SA showed no signs of improvement, as the country received the same global ranking over the past five years.

POPI held up again

Following one workshop last month, Parliament asks for yet another meeting next year before appointing the Information Regulator.

Ansys eyes telecoms, infosec push

The tech group wants to step up its work with SITA, despite CEO Teddy Daka's troubled past with the state's ICT procurement agency.

Africa gets Crowdfunding Association

The African Crowdfunding Association will lobby for crowdfunding legislation and reform on the continent.



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