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Nick Black Mobile first

Enterprise players must start batting on the mobility field.

Cellular Switching places

Telkom steals Cell C’s rusty consumer champion trophy.

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  • Wed, 01 Jul, 08:32:02 AM
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ICASA chairman for the past five years, Steven Mncube, leaves the regulator at the end of today.
ICASA chairman for the past five years, Steven Mncube, leaves the regulator at the end of today.
ICASA chairman's 'uninspiring' tenure ends

The regulator needs strong leadership now, more than ever, as Stephen Mncube leaves a legacy of unfinished projects.

Govt stats leave ICT in the dark

Stats SA figures cannot be related to other issues such as training.

Statistics SA indicators fail to give insight into the value of the ICT sector.

OpenWeb debuts mobile static IP packages

OpenWeb's mobile static IP product has a three-tier failover solution, backed by Seacom, WACS and SAT3.

Businesses can use the static IP addresses over mobile for applications like VOIP, CCTV and VPN.

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New e-toll tariffs effective from 1 July

New e-toll tariffs and monthly caps for registered users will be effective from tomorrow (1 July), says the South African National Roads Agency. 

Pinterest updates privacy policy

The content-sharing platform will update its privacy policy ahead of the introduction of buyable pins.

Printer shipments to Africa dip

The ongoing currency volatility experienced across Africa saw the market shrink to 470 000 units to total $190 million, says IDC.

Prepare for 'longer' Wednesday

Tomorrow will be longer, by just a second, as clocks synchronise with the Earth's slowing rotation.

Naspers reports solid growth

The group sees strong growth across its Internet and video-entertainment business, strengthening its position in several key markets.

Flagship phone shootout

LG's latest handset is cheaper on contract than paying cash up-front, but Apple still wins in this space.



Liron Segev
The Uber way

What else is Uber bringing to SA and how are South Africans using Uber?

by Liron Segev


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Western Cape tech salaries Gauteng pays the highest IT salaries, on average, but in-demand skills such as mobility earn more in the Western Cape.



Procurement: more than just buying tech Buying technology for a company is a tricky business.


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