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  • Fri, 21 Oct, 10:56:56 AM
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Customer loyalty trends have shown a consistent decline over the past three annual South African Customer Satisfaction Indexes.
Customer loyalty trends have shown a consistent decline over the past three annual South African Customer Satisfaction Indexes.
Mobile data disappoints once again

MTN customers show the lowest loyalty to their brand, followed by Telkom Mobile, while Cell C rises to the top in customer experience.

Vumatel acquires Fibrehoods

The Fibrehoods network complements Vumatel's network footprint with little overlap, says Vumatel CEO Niel Schoeman.

Vumatel says the acquisition will help it to accelerate and build a connected South Africa faster.

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MTN allegedly transferred 'mind boggling' sum out of Nigeria illegally

A Nigerian lawmaker now alleges MTN illegally moved more than $14 billion out of Nigeria without observing the country's laws

Metered taxi drivers lose CompCom battle against Uber

The Competition Commission does not think Uber has violated the Competition Act and will not prosecute a complaint filed by the metered taxi industry. 

Get rid of Note 7 before boarding

Samsung SA implements a Galaxy Note 7 exchange programme at kiosks at major local airports.

A third of tax returns filed via eFiling

SARS has so far received over four million tax returns, with over 1.4 million submitted via eFiling.

Vodacom last to zero-rate university Web access

The operator follows announcements from its three rivals who yesterday already began zero-rating Web site access for students affected by ongoing student protests.  

Sentech gets clean audit

The state-owned broadcasting signal distributor receives an unqualified audit for the fourth consecutive year.

Printing survey 2016

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Nigeria sees $6m Huawei injection Huawei creates an innovation and experience centre in Lagos, Nigeria's economic hub, with an investment of $6 million.



Go ahead, drink and drive Hello connected car, goodbye boring commute.



Fighting fit with fibre If anything can get the bowels of the modern workplace moving, it's a good fibre connection.


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