Mobile Pave the way

Cities must prepare for the introduction of self-driving cars.

Internet Full speed

FTTH in SA’s suburbs could reach 360 000 subscriptions by 2019.

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  • Mon, 30 Nov, 13:36:04 PM
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Communications minister Faith Muthambi was rated one of the worst performing ministers in the DA Cabinet report card.
Communications minister Faith Muthambi was rated one of the worst performing ministers in the DA Cabinet report card.
Dismal fail for comms minister

The Democratic Alliance describes minister Faith Muthambi's leadership in the Department of Communications as an unmitigated disaster.

Apple may scrap headphone jack in iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 is rumoured to have no headphone jack, forcing users to make use of Bluetooth headphones.

The new iPhone 7 may be minus a headphone jack, according to rumours, forcing users to use Bluetooth headphones.

Lightbulbs could transmit LiFi by 2018

A start-up has demonstrated LiFi in an office environment reaching a speed of 1Gbps.

LiFi, which makes use of the visible light spectrum rather than radio waves, has been successfully tested in an office environment.

Telkom fibre used for world record attempt

Eleven endurance record-breakers will fight it out next month to try break the record for the longest marathon watching films, using fibre to stream the content.

Over 120 hours of movie content will be streamed via Telkom fibre in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

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E-commerce boosts Naspers revenue

Online commerce revenue pushed up Naspers earnings, as the company plans further acquisitions in the sector.

Instagram tests multiple account access

A new feature allows users to stay logged in to multiple accounts at the same time.

Sanral chases after fleet-based companies

The roads agency will pursue fleet-based operators with the highest outstanding e-toll bills.

Solidarity to take M-Net to HRC

The trade union vows to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against M-Net's alleged discriminatory internship programme.

99% tax returns filed electronically

The revenue service's eFiling online tax submissions process facilitated the majority of the tax season's returns.

Walk-Man humanoid walks tall

Two Italian universities create a robot which has human-type locomotion, balance and manipulation capabilities.



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Huawei Mate S: In the big-boys' league?

We tested the new Mate S to find out if it has what it takes to beat smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple.

Read the in-depth review by Andre Schild.

Hisense Infinity PureShot LTE

An ideal device for those who want the experience of a modern smartphone, without digging too deep into their pockets.

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