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Dieter Küsel Cache is king

Can caching services alleviate mobile bandwidth capacity constraints?

Elaine Bergenthuin Why patent?

The ramifications of not protecting software developments can be costly.

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  • Fri, 23 Jun, 05:28:35 AM
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Criminal and terrorism investigations are hindered by out-dated laws that make sharing information slow and burdensome.
Criminal and terrorism investigations are hindered by out-dated laws that make sharing information slow and burdensome.
Google urges more access to overseas data

The push comes amid growing legal uncertainty across the globe, about how tech firms must comply with government requests for foreign-held data.

Ansys posts R806m revenue

Teddy Daka, group CEO at Ansys.

The AltX-listed company's revenue grew by 70% while net profit was up 239.2% to R67.8 million.

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E-learning tablet Mwabu targets 12k SA learners

Following its success in Zambia, education technology company Mwabu establishes a South African hub and hires staff.

New app documents road accidents

The app helps motorists collect all info around car accidents, to shorten time frames in insurance claims and legal pay-outs.

Wind turbine technicians graduate

The South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre's programme is SA's first formal qualification in the wind sector.

Twitter lets streaming video stars collect money from fans

Periscope viewers will be able to send performers and broadcasters they like a gratuity using heart shapes that are a virtual currency.

Amazon grocery push plays catch-up with Chinese giants

China's tech giants have already taken the lead in the battle to transform supermarket shopping with big data and better supply chains.


Find out what customers really want It's the perfect time to reinvent your business into something that will fill customers with excitement, writes TransUnion Africa CEO Lee Naik.



Yahoo for Verizon The company has completed is $4.5 billion takeover of Yahoo.



Will Cisco become a software company? The world’s largest networking company is under pressure to combat a raft of competitors.


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