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The optimised data centre.

Mpumi Nhlapo Unconstrained

Africa’s digital innovation will allow it to leapfrog the rest of the world.

Mervyn Mooi Under-utilised

Big data is there for everyone but its potential is being wasted.

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  • Thu, 23 Mar, 06:23:35 AM
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COJ wants broadband to reach two-thirds of households in 10 years.
COJ wants broadband to reach two-thirds of households in 10 years.
Joburg looks to rehabilitate ailing broadband entity

The city council wants to ensure its troubled unit, the Metropolitan Trading Company, gets back on its feet.

Cell C trailing capex race

Over the past four years, Vodacom SA spent R31.2 billion in capex, MTN SA R33.5 billion and Cell C R11.6 billion.

Cell C's total capital expenditure over the last four years is close to what MTN spent in just one year.

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Altron fast-tracks Nyati's appointment

The former MTN South Africa CEO will now resume his new role at Altron on 1 April rather than 1 July as earlier indicated.

Data Governance survey 2017

22seven's Davel calls it quits

Christo Davel, co-founder Kenny Inggs and some staff members leave the company four years after the Old Mutual acquisition.

Police arrest three linked to chief justice burglary

The SA Police Service is expected to make more arrests that will lead to the recovery of stolen IT equipment.

Voice-over-LTE to surpass OTT voice app services

The number of users adopting voice-over-LTE services will overtake subscribers of voice app services like WhatsApp by 2021.

Call for science talk proposals

The Department of Science and Technology invites submissions of science proposals for its annual tech and innovation forum.

Uber ups security with driver selfies

The e-hailing taxi service will now require all drivers to verify themselves with a selfie before they are allowed onto the system.


ZTE gets zapped The company has been fined $1.2 billion by the US government for illegally shipping networking equipment to Iran and North Korea.



This is not a drill: What JR Ewing never told you about digital Africa has a resource that's not only more disruptive than oil, but is potentially unlimited, writes TransUnion Africa CEO Lee Naik.



The 3310 and the sad state of the mobile world James Francis is willing to bet the resurrected 3310 will grow Nokia's feature phone market share.


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Caption Competition

Congratulations to Andre le Roux for the winning caption competition and walking away with an annual subscription to Brainstorm magazine, as well as an entry into a lucky draw for an Apple iPad Mini 16GB Tablet With Wi-Fi & 4G


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SUSE Expert Days: March

SUSE Expert Days in SA for first time ITWeb interviews the regional manager for SUSE South Africa, Matthew Lee, to gain insight into its SDI, digital transformation and DevOps plans.


Security Summit: May 2017

Data breaches remain unreported by SA organisations This is creating the incorrect perception that SA in not badly affected by cyber attacks, says the CSIR.


Security Summit: May 2017

Turning data into threat intelligence Intelligence can support incident detection, incident response, training and awareness, security architecture, and many other aspects of a security programme.