Mark Clarke Legal protection

Time will tell if proposed legislation will help reduce cyber crime risk.

Masindi Mabogo Golden key

Cloud business intelligence has the power to open doors for SMEs.

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  • Mon, 08 Feb, 16:20:17 PM
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SITA may have to answer to the Public Protector following a complaint lodged by
SITA may have to answer to the Public Protector following a complaint lodged by "SITAzens".
Public Protector looks to probe SITA

Disgruntled workers lodge a complaint against SITA with the Public Protector, alleging maladministration and wasteful expenditure.

Etisalat sues MTN Nigeria over Visafone spectrum

Etisalat believes MTN's recent acquisition of Visafone will further entrench MTN's dominance in the Nigerian telecommunications sector.

Embattled mobile operator MTN faces legal action from a competitor over the acquisition of spectrum from local player Visafone.

Savimbi family sues Call of Duty creator

Family of Jonas Savimbi are suing Call of Duty creators for their portrayal of the former Angolan rebel leader.

Family of former Angolan rebel leader, Jonas Savimbi, sue Activision Blizzard for the "barbaric" depiction of their father in the game.

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Apple secretive about iPhone Error 53

The company's explanation of the error destroying thousands of iPhones seems suspicious to some.

Wearables to generate $28.7bn revenue

A total of 274.6 million wearable electronic devices will be sold worldwide in 2016, says Gartner.

Facebook chat has secret chess feature

Users are able to play chess with each other in desktop chat or in the Messenger app.

Strong interim earnings for Adapt IT

Adapt IT reports a 42% rise in interim HEPS, while operating profit jumps 50%.

12 000 businesses adopt SnapScan

SnapScan has been rolled out by local coffee shops as well as retail businesses.

SA champions good digital citizenship

Local organisations and schools join hands to participate in the global Safer Internet Day.

#RIPTwitter trends amid feed re-ordering rumours

The social network reportedly plans to prioritise tweets by "relevance" rather than chronologically, much to users' disdain.


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