Lee Naik People first

Five people-centric trends are essential to ensure digital economy success.

Richard Vester First priority

Adding more bandwidth, without optimising the network, is futile.

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  • Tue, 09 Feb, 13:41:27 PM
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The Western Cape community is urged to be the eyes and ears of the broadband initiative, and report criminal acts.
The Western Cape community is urged to be the eyes and ears of the broadband initiative, and report criminal acts.
Crime hurts WCape broadband ambitions

Contractors involved in the rollout of broadband in the Western Cape refuse to work in priority areas as crime threatens their lives.

Cell C doubles contract buyout offering

Cell C now offers R20 000 to switch to its network, up from R10 000 when the buyout offer launched last year.

The operator ups the amount it is willing to offer customers to switch to its network, now offering up to R20 000.

MTN Nigeria confirms Etisalat lawsuit

MTN says it obtained all necessary statutory and regulatory approvals for its acquisition of Visafone, despite rival Etisalat taking it to court over it.

MTN's operations in Nigeria take another blow as the telecoms operator confirms it is being sued by rival operator Etisalat.

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Astronomer to get SA's first Edinburgh Medal

Kevin Govender will be jointly awarded for the creation and practical establishment of the Office of Astronomy for Development.

Workplace wearables would be welcome

PwC research finds most South African workers would opt to use a wearable, and share the data with a third-party.

Instagram 'finally' offers multiple account support

The photo-sharing app will now let users flip between using several different accounts within the app.

Muthambi calls for better online environment

Smart online habits need to be re-emphasised to create a "safer" Internet, says communications minister Faith Muthambi.

PayGate offers cash-based e-commerce solution

The payment service provider enables barcoded invoices to be settled in cash at retailers and post offices across SA.

Hated cockroach inspires helpful robot

Scientists build a small search-and-rescue cockroach robot, designed to navigate through rubble to find survivors after natural disasters.


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