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Legacy technologies cost governments and businesses money.

Godfrey Kutumela Protect it

Data protection is crucial when it comes to effective application security.

Stergios Saltas All tied up

Cloud can untangle the backup, business continuity, disaster recovery knot.

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  • Mon, 27 Jun, 04:09:05 AM
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Following the appointment of Rob Shuter, the PIC says it
Following the appointment of Rob Shuter, the PIC says it "would have preferred a black CEO" for MTN.
PIC has mixed feelings on new MTN CEO

Rob Shuter's appointment will strengthen governance, says MTN's largest shareholder, but it would have preferred a black boss.

WeChat gives away money

WeChat will give users up to 50% cash back on purchases made using its digital wallet and SnapScan.

The Chinese messaging app gives users up to 50% back on all purchases made via SnapScan and their digital wallets.

Wits offers free online courses

Wits University says it is enhancing higher education learning by making academic content available free.

Three academic courses will be available free for interested students.

MTN to dispose of 50% stake in Afrihost

MTN SA CEO, Mteto Nyati, says the disposal will allow both parties to focus their attention on their core businesses.

The telco says it plans to sell its shareholding to the executive management of Afrihost. 

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ConCourt to hear encryption case

The communications department approaches the highest court in the land to rule on its unencrypted decoder policy.

Apple patent reveals touch-sensitive stylus

With touch sensors along its body, the stylus would respond to the placement, movement and pressure exerted by users' fingers.

IPv4 addresses hit the black market

Cyber crooks set up shell companies to hoard address space for spamming or to sell.

There's it! Suzelle tops YouTube hits

Local YouTuber Suzelle DIY generated over 400 000 views on one of her latest videos in the space of a month.

Joburg provides Electronic Health Record system

The City of Johannesburg and Med-e-Mass partner on an electronic system to digitise patient records into one centralised database.

SA's supercomputer ranks 121

Africa's fastest computer system, Lengau, receives international recognition on the computing TOP500 List.

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