Zika virus Computing power

IBM powers virtual experiments to identify drug candidates to cure Zika virus.

Mervyn Mooi Team effort

It takes more than one ‘uber-data scientist’ to be effective.

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  • Wed, 01 Jun, 03:42:37 AM
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Telkom had over 6 000 incidents of theft across its copper network in the past year.
Telkom had over 6 000 incidents of theft across its copper network in the past year.
Copper cable theft costs Telkom R200m

The telco ramps up efforts to migrate customers to wireless and fibre technologies as copper cable theft continues to have a serious impact.

Largest Twitter account hacked

Hacked Twitter accounts can be used to advance a political cause, abuse others, or discredit the account owner.

After pop star Katy Perry's Twitter account was breached this morning, analysts say hacking an account that large has numerous implications.

Cartrack hits R1bn revenue

Cartrack global CEO Zak Calisto.

The company reports subscriber base growth as it further entrenches itself in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

ICASA block gutted by fire

The regulator says one of its office blocks at the head office in Sandton was damaged by an inferno.

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Etv wins decoder encryption case

Court upholds Etv's appeal for encrypted set-top boxes for the country's digital migration process.

Data migration survey 2016

R1.1bn allocated for Joburg ICT upgrades

This year's budget allocation for ICT infrastructure modernisation in the City of Johannesburg was reduced by R100 million.

360m 'forgotten' MySpace accounts compromised

MySpace makes headlines again, as over 360 million credentials from the once popular social network have been compromised.

Local firm taps into crypto currency transactions

Sagteware.NET develops a virtual currency platform targeting South African businesses.

33% of South Africans use unlicensed software

The latest global software survey shows the value of unlicensed software in use in SA sits at $274 million.

Vodacom's corporate affairs chief resigns

Maya Makanjee will leave the telecoms operator at the end of July after four years of service.


Brainstorm CIO Survey 2015 Full research report has been released, with input from 188 local CIOs.



Born to code, trained to succeed A new method of teaching aims to turn disadvantaged students into world-class coders.



Innovation and the CFO Understanding the value of technology is now part of the CFO's job description.


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