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Allan Wattrus Explosive

A short-term IT infrastructure approach is akin to a ticking time bomb.

Government Uncertain future

New developments add to indications Telkom will absorb Broadband Infraco.

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The jury is out on whether Samsung will conquer the Apple empire with its latest flagships.
The jury is out on whether Samsung will conquer the Apple empire with its latest flagships.
Samsung's 'six appeal' takes back the war

The company seduces local pundits with ‘six appeal' as it brings "something altogether new" with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

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Mobile World Congress 2015

ITWeb news editor Nicola Mawson reports from Barcelona.

Nicola Mawson GSMA works to secure digital identities The association wants the phone and SIM combination to be a ubiquitous solution to managing online identities.

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Mobile Security Survey 2015

Govt still skirting Telkom tender issue

Telecoms minister Siyabonga Cwele outlines government's decision to elect Telkom lead broadband agency, but avoids addressing questions around the lack of a tender process. 

ITWeb Brainstorm skills initiative kicks off

With less than 5% of high schools offering IT as a subject, the industry needs to come together to drive ICT skills.

Asus targets SA mobile market with guns blazing

The Taiwanese tech company sets its sights on SA, where it will begin aggressively marketing its tablet range this year.

SKA construction to meet deadlines

Government vows to keep to the Square Kilometre Array construction schedule, despite a trim in budget.

Mobile industry tiptoes towards 5G

Wireless industry leaders agree 5G is their next big idea, and expect the fifth generation of networks to be up and running by 2020.



Acer Liquid Jade S55
Acer Liquid Jade S55 - slimline underachiever

The smartphone offers an elegant exterior but lacks powerful hardware.

by Andre Schild


Security Summit 2015

Hackers can be your friends Viewing all hackers as bad guys is doing society a disservice, believes Karen Elazari.


CIO Zone

Start innovating today Innovation can be an objective for every manager, says Gartner.


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Caption Competition

Get creative and witty! The author of the funniest caption will win an annual subscription to Brainstorm magazine.
Winners also enter into a lucky draw for an
Apple iPad Mini 16GB Tablet With Wi-Fi & 4G.
Entries Close: 20 March 2015


Green IT

SA's power uncertainties demand green initiatives
Many green initiatives are at a macro level, looking at things like cutting building power usage or emissions from factories, says Lexmark.
Facebook adds gender identity options
We round up this week's top six trends from across the globe that piqued our interest or had us scratching our heads.
Dell brings technology access and education to underserved communities with new solar-powered Learning Labs
The company will expand its solar-powered Learning Labs across SA to include new sites in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Sedibeng.

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