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R6.55bn deal finalised.

John McLoughlin Snake oil?

Security is often ineffective because it is not focused on the right issues.

Mpumi Nhlapo True digitalisation

New digital services are addressing some of Africa’s most critical challenges.

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  • Tue, 28 Feb, 18:55:01 PM
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SASSA CEO Thokozani Magwaza takes leave amid social grants payments debacle.
SASSA CEO Thokozani Magwaza takes leave amid social grants payments debacle.
SASSA CEO on 'sick leave'

The SA Social Security Agency claims CEO Thokozani Magwaza is on sick leave, amid media reports he has been placed on suspension.

Fintech investments take a knock

During 2016, there was a marked decline in fintech-related M&A activity around the world.

Last year saw a drop in the global fintech investment market, with a 47% slide in investment from 2015, says KPMG.

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Mobile World Congress

Lauren Rawlins

ITWeb journalist Lauren Kate Rawlins reports from Barcelona, Spain.


Smartphones leave disastrous environmental footprint

The devices will contribute significantly to the 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste expected to be generated in 2017, says Greenpeace.

Blue Label interim earnings soar, Cell C deal confirmed

The group reports strong interim growth and confirms its 45% acquisition of Cell C is going ahead.

Cell C BEE partner rejects recapitalisation deal

CellSAf vows to fight Cell C recapitalisation, following Blue Label's announcement that the deal will go ahead.

PoPI survey 2017


Verizon buys Yahoo Internet business Verizon agrees to buy Yahoo's core Internet business for $4.48 billion, a $350 million cut to the original price.



The big deal about fake news What makes the current fake news phenomenon more frightening is that there is no specific force behind it, writes James Francis.



Love your CMO so customers will love you There is still plenty lost in translation in the relationship between the CMO and CIO, writes TransUnion Africa CEO Lee Naik.


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GRC Conference: Feb 2017

The quest to establish a world-class Information Regulator SA's Information Regulator members are committed to making the office fully operational in a year's time, said Sizwe Snail ka Mtuze.


BI Summit: March 2017

BI attracts the naturally curious Data is unpredictable, and that attracts people who are comfortable with uncertainty, says founder of Third Nature, Mark Madsen.


Security Summit: May 2017

Infosec decision-makers must rely on facts Infosec decision-makers who rely less on common sense are more likely to fall prey to hype and fear, says Net-Square Solutions' Saumil Shah.