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Allan Wattrus Explosive

A short-term IT infrastructure approach is akin to a ticking time bomb.

Cellular Nowhere to run

The law is silent on changes to contractual mobile pricing.

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OTT calling poses a threat to operators' traditional voice revenue streams.
OTT calling poses a threat to operators' traditional voice revenue streams.
WhatsApp calling stirs operators

The now present reality of data-based calling options may cause operators to retaliate, say analysts.

Canon expands printing reach

Buying Oc'e SA will help Canon SA become the leading full service provider in the professional and production printing space.

Canon SA buys out printing supplier Océ South Africa for an undisclosed amount.

Google helps users find their phones

The new \

Typing "find my phone" into Google now produces a map detailing the location of the misplaced device.

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Datacentrix boosts bottom line

Datacentrix has grown its full-year earnings, despite a slight decline in revenue.

Caxton wages battle with MultiChoice

Caxton argues MultiChoice's deal with the South African Broadcasting Corporation is effectively a merger.

Battle of the sixes: iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6

Although the iPhone 6 offers more value for money, the Samsung's higher cost is worth it.

Sony piracy ironic, but not surprising

WikiLeaks reveals Sony had pirated e-books on its servers, including guides on hacking.

Seemahale low-cost Android to debut

The five-inch SeeTel Phoenix passes the final Google test and is set to launch to South African consumers in June.

Full steam ahead for digital migration

South Africa intends moving off analogue television in 18 months, despite a legal challenge from etv.


Wanted A new generation workforce.


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Rise to the challenge Last year was a tough year for most South African CIOs. This year is likely to be worse.


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Everything you need to know to evaluate Flash: Flash Buyer's Guide for Enterprise Storage.


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