Mark Clarke Legal protection

Time will tell if proposed legislation will help reduce cyber crime risk.

Masindi Mabogo Golden key

Cloud business intelligence has the power to open doors for SMEs.

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  • Wed, 10 Feb, 12:44:52 PM
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The Western Cape community is urged to be the eyes and ears of the broadband initiative, and report criminal acts.
The Western Cape community is urged to be the eyes and ears of the broadband initiative, and report criminal acts.
Crime hurts WCape broadband ambitions

Contractors involved in the rollout of broadband in the Western Cape refuse to work in priority areas as crime threatens their lives.

Recycling mobile game goes live

REDISA says recycling offers opportunities to make money and build an empire.

SA's recycling initiative creates a mobile game to drive education about the opportunities that can be found in waste management.

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Deloitte opens School of Analytics

The school will address data scientist shortages by training university graduates and existing professionals.

Jasco interim HEPS soar

The company saw a 783% rise in interim HEPS despite difficult economic conditions, but warns there will likely be "tightening of growth in 2016".

Facebook ordered to stop tracking non-users

France's data protection authority wants the social network to stop tracking non-Facebook users on the Web.

CSIR in dynamic spectrum partnership

The council and the Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation will work together on dynamic spectrum access.

Computers qualify as drivers, US tells Google

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rules autonomous driving systems can be legally considered drivers.

Google working on plastic VR headset

Alphabet's Google is reportedly designing a second virtual reality headset, this time made out of plastic rather than cardboard.



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Caption Competition

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