Jessie Rudd Dirty data

Keep Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Luke Skywalker out of B2B client profiles.

Lauren Kate Rawlins China's Silicon Valley

Shenzhen is an electronics hotspot, but visitors can’t tweet about it.

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  • Wed, 07 Oct, 12:03:34 PM
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Uber is playing a long-term game and views individual regulatory setbacks as inevitable and temporary.
Uber is playing a long-term game and views individual regulatory setbacks as inevitable and temporary.
Market realities threaten Uber's global push

Regulatory and competitive obstacles in major markets make global expansion costly and risky for the ride-hailing app.

Cell C partners with music channel

Cell C introduces Trace Mobile, a prepaid offering that gives SA's youth access to a music streaming service.

The operator offers a Trace Mobile prepaid starter pack with access to unlimited streaming music and free access to some social networks.

Facebook satellites to connect Africa

Facebook will collaborate with French company Eutelsat Communications, to launch a satellite next year to provide Internet access to African regions.

The social network will become a major gateway to the Internet for new African Internet users.

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Altron seeks agility after tough interim

Altech Autopage and Altech Node take a bite out of Altron's interim results for the six-month period ended 31 August.

Tech companies top global brands ranking

A report reveals four of the top five global brands are tech companies, with Apple being named top for the third time.

Microsoft enters laptop race

A laptop, tablet, wearable and a line of Lumia phones, all running on Windows 10, were unveiled yesterday.

Law student brings down data pact

An Austrian law student's two-year battle against Facebook and mass US surveillance culminates in a landmark ruling.

Facebook tailors News Feed to slow connections

The Facebook app selects articles, pictures and videos to load based on the strength of users' Internet connections.

US, EU data transfer deal is invalid

The court decision could sound the death knell for the Safe Harbour framework and leave firms scrambling to find alternative measures.


IT Personality, Visionary CIO finalists named Five finalists will compete for SA IT industry's highest individual accolades.


Social Business Summit

Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer heads to SA in October Very few businesses have leveraged the potential that all the different social networks have, says Neal Schaffer.



Does CIO stand for 'career is over'? The traditional role of the CIO as senior IT specialist is over, says FlowCentric’s Denis Bensch.


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Supply Chain & IT Personality & Visionary CIO vote


Caption Competition

Congratulations to Kivan Maharaj for the winning caption competition and walking away with an annual subscription to Brainstorm magazine, as well as an entry into a lucky draw for an Apple iPad Mini 16GB Tablet With Wi-Fi & 4G


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