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Apps Taking precautions

Operators are forced to strategise around over-the-top apps.

E-learning Unbelievable target

USAASA aims to connect as many as 24 000 schools in the next five years.

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Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko says employment equity will be used as a
Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko says employment equity will be used as a "tie-breaker" in retrenchment decisions.
Telkom puts new spin on job cuts

While retrenchments will be collateral damage, a Telkom insider says race will be used as a criterion, as the overhaul will essentially be a process of hiring.

M-Pesa re-launches 'next week'

M-Pesa has so far failed to gain traction in the local market.

Vodacom is set to have another crack at introducing its mobile money offering to the local market.

R9bn needed for universal coverage

The Universal Service and Access Agency of SA aims to provide broadband to 195 under-serviced rural municipalities by 2019.

The Universal Service and Access Agency of SA says it will cost R9 billion to provide broadband for all.

Sabric encourages alternative banking methods

Local businesses, consumers and stokvels are encouraged to use other methods of banking in the wake of a surge in violent, cash-related crimes.

With a surge in violent crime related to cash-in-hand, the organisation suggests consumers use Internet and cellphone banking channels.

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Telkom boss in fraud scandal

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko is being investigated by the JMPD for allegations that he has been using false licence plates.

Cell C surpasses Knott-Craig's targets

The operator's subscriber base grows to 18.1 million - 4.1 million more than its former CEO aimed to have by the end of this year. 

Zuma's daughter in top telecoms spot

The president's youngest daughter is serving as chief of staff at the newly-established telecoms and postal services department.

Gauteng readies for e-services

The finance ministry highlights modernisation efforts in the province as it gears up for e-governance.

Telkom, MTN still in talks

The discussions could affect Telkom's share price if a deal is concluded, the company cautions.

Cell C restructures debt

The South African mobile operator looks to restructure 77.4 million euros worth of senior debt, which could improve its cash management.

Amazon's heavy investing eats into bottom line

The e-commerce company posted a much larger-than-expected loss in the second quarter.

Google under fire from regulators

The search engine's handling of "right to be forgotten" requests from European citizens is called into question.



Liron Segev
Mobile payment tech: how SA banks' offerings compare

There are four mobile payment technologies that focus on merchants: Nedbank PocketPOS, Absa Pebble, StandardBank SnapScan and MasterPass by MasterCard. What do they do and how different are they?

by Liron Segev


Smart traffic management Traffic Freeflow streamlines the allocation of pointsmen on SA's roads and saves time and money with a simple smartphone app.


Training and e-Learning

SA can earn R244k per IT job created One IT job can contribute R244 000 per year to SA’s national economy.


CIO Zone

SA's IT sector at crossroads The industry is complicated by skills and integration conundrums compounded by the changing role of IT, says Citrix.


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Green IT

Selfie gets royal approval
We round up this week's top six trends from across the globe that piqued our interest or had us scratching our heads.
IT consumerisation exacerbates e-waste
The amount of e-waste could rise by as much as 500% over the next decade, says Causes International.
Dell commits to energy efficiency
The computing giant has committed to making its entire product portfolio 80% more energy efficient.

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