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British teenager creates first robot lawyer

In this edition of the worldwide wrap, a robot is helping those in need of legal advice and a new dating app is listening to the heartbeats of its users in order to find their perfect match.

British teenager creates first robot lawyer

Nineteen-year-old in Joshua Browder is helping those in need of legal advice through a new robot upgrade to his site, DoNotPay. The robot can answer queries on parking ticket fines, claims for delayed flights and trains, and even general legal questions.

According to Browder, who is currently studying economics and computer science at Stanford University, he came up with the Robot Lawyer after he started to receive thousands of e-mails asking him for advice.
Via: Tech Times

Dating app uses heart rate

A new dating app is listening to the heartbeat of its users in order to find their perfect match.

With a combination of human matchmakers and a Fitbit or Android wearable, 'Once' connects people based on how fast their hearts are beating while looking at each other's profile.
Via: Daily Mail

Thermostat leaves owners cold

Google-owned smart homeware company Nest has asked users to reset their connected thermostats after a software bug forced controllers offline and left owners unable to heat their homes.

Users of the smart home device took to social media to express their anger at being left with cold houses. Some feared that the fault had put water pipes under pressure, risking burst plumbing.
Via: The Stack

'Robot doctor' app

British digital healthcare start-up Babylon has raised $25m, the largest series A funding round in European digital healthcare to date

The mobile app, which launched in February last year, has built an artificially intelligent ‘doctor' that can decode symptoms and prevent illnesses before they occur, by tracking your daily habits, and integrating data about your heart rate, diet and your medical records.
Via: The Telegraph

Skype adds mobile group video calling

In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, Skype has unveiled free group video calling on Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows 10 mobile devices.

The feature has been available for a couple of years on desktop for both Mac and PC – but wasn't available yet on mobile.
Via: TechCrunch

Foursquare CEO steps down

Foursquare CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley has relinquished his chief executive role to Jeff Glueck, the company's chief operating officer for the past year and half.

Glueck was previously chief marketing officer of Travelocity. Crowley will become Foursquare's executive chairman and chief revenue officer Steven Rosenblatt will become president.
Via: Fortune

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