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Succeeding in the digital economy

Considering that 52% of the Fortune 500 companies from 2000 are gone, the need to evolve, quickly, is critical.

So says Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc, adding that organisations need to embrace analytics as a tool to support better decision-making as a strategic asset to the business. "The need for rapid and agile insight delivery means that organisations need to culturally evolve," he continues.

"Embedding analytics into the decision-making process will empower decision makers to re-spond quickly to market forces and presents opportunities to build a more effective and effi-cient organisation."

Bell will be presenting on: 'Succeeding in the Digital Economy: How organisations must evolve to remain relevant,' at the ITWeb Business Intelligence Summit 2016, on 1 and 2 March at The Forum in Bryanston.

Speaking about what businesses are currently doing wrong, Bell says traditionally organisations have been slow to change when implementing solutions that drive improvement within the busi-ness. "Most focus is external in terms of how to remain more competitive and engage better with clients."

Nick Bell CEO of Decision Inc.

Nick Bell CEO of Decision Inc.

However, he says this should be complemented by a process that enables the people in the or-ganisation to operate more efficiently. "Improving the organisation's decision-making capability and improving internal processes can have a multiplier effect on the business's ability to com-pete and service clients better."

In conclusion, Bell says the challenge related to digital in the organisation is that often people don't understand how to embark on a journey to change the organisation.

His session will highlight areas where digital can provide significant gains, and provide practical examples where organisations have introduced digital into their business intelligence strategy, and how they are now more competitive, effective organisations.

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