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Maths deployed as cybercrime 'street fighter'

Algorithms catch more attack attempts than AI.

Algorithms catch more attack attempts than AI.

By deploying mathematical algorithms in the fight against cybercrime, organisations stand to gain the ‘street fighters' of cyber defence in their arsenal.

This is according to Snode chief technology officer and founder Nithen Naidoo, who told delegates at the ITWeb Security Summit 2017 that algorithms already in use in other sectors stood to significantly improve cyber defence.

"Maths is fast, doesn't lie and makes no assumptions. By using advanced algorithms, we are able to introduce intelligence amplification – rather than artificial intelligence – to the fight against cyber crime."

He says these algorithms will help organisations catch over 80% of attack attempts, whereas artificial intelligence (AI) catches only around 30 – 40%. "We took statistical analytics from other spheres and applied it to cyber security. I don't know why we haven't used it before, but now it's here." 

Maths is fast, doesn't lie and makes no assumptions.

Naidoo said machine learning and mathematical algorithms combined could be harnessed to constantly monitor user behaviour and seek anomalies across any data, as well as patterns that are precursors to events.

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