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Table Mountain is among most photographed

Table Mountain is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world.

Table Mountain is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world.

Table Mountain, in Cape Town, is one of the top 30 most photographed landmarks worldwide.

This is according to The Xperia New Perspectives research from Sony, which used Instagram data to find the most photographed landmarks.

The gathered data from Instagram also revealed more than half of the top 30 landmarks are shot from the same three angles, with the Parisian Eiffel Tower being the most photographed landmark with over a third of its snaps being the same. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai ranked higher than the Colosseum.

"We used the social media data to extract answers, which can drive action for businesses and society. The data extracted showed 35% of photographs of various landmarks were taken from the same three angles," says the company.

"Other notable landmarks that follow this trend include Christ the Redeemer in Brazil where 71% of shots are from the same three angles; Trevi Fountain in Italy where 74% were the same; Mount Fiji in Japan came in at 77%; and Machu Picchu where 85% of all Instagrammed images are taken from the same few spots. The Statue of Liberty in the US had 813 930 snaps on Instagram, of which 74% were taken at the same angles."

The report is the combined work of OneFifty, a digital data and strategy consultancy, and market research company OnePoll, which conducted data research around the world. The statistics within the report are a collective of 5 352 respondents across five territories: UK, Germany, France, Spain and UAE.

The research also concluded that 50% of those surveyed pick their holiday based on others' holiday snaps and a further 45% look to Instagram for inspiration of where to photograph and visit.

"This research has given us real insight into how important photography has become to our holidays and how the two are inextricably linked," said Christian Haghofer, SA country manager at Sony Mobile.

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