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Wireless hacking course takes off

TelSpace Systems' initial local Hacking Wireless and Bluetooth 101 training course was such a success that it is doing another session in July, it says.

The first course took place on 27 and 28 March at the FNB Conference and Training Centre.

Says Dino Covotsos, executive member of TelSpace Systems: “The response from our first local training course was fantastic. We had such demand that we had to schedule a secondary class for the extra attendees.”

As part of the course, trainees were taught how to bypass wireless encryption and how to perform different Bluetooth hacking techniques such as Bluesnarfing.

Because of the hands-on and practical nature of the training session, approximately 15 trainees are taught at a time, he says. All participants receive certificate for the completion of the course.

Recently, Covotsos and Charlton Smith, security analyst at TelSpace, returned from hosting the same course at the Hack in the Box conference in Dubai. Covotsos adds: “Fifteen people signed up for the training in Dubai, including the Dubai police, various banks (including Emirates Bank), telecommunications authorities and even the US Army.”

The second local training course is taking place on 3 and 4 July, also at the FNB Conference and Training Centre.

“We are currently working on several alternate courses, such as Hacking Web Applications 101. The material for our Hacking Wireless and Bluetooth 101 course is constantly updated, and we plan to offer it several times a year. We also have several international engagements signed up for the rest of the year,” Covotsos concludes.

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