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XContent Business Solutions lands XCFrontier: productivity reinvented

Rise of the mobile worker! The illusion of desktop. The reality of leveraging the cloud.

Battling with?

* Employees located in remote areas;
* Limited access to relevant tools;
* Service performance and cost issues;
* Limited connectivity; and
* Compromised data.

Time to think about:

* Cost savings;
* Integrating your Microsoft platform;
* Minimal bandwidth usage;
* Using any device; and
* Always-on security.

"XCFrontier is our innovative remote desktop approach to faster customer Internet browsing, accessing and working with software applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, operational and financial software such as Sage and SAP or other applications with minimal data usage," says Danie de Lange, Managing Director.

Realise strategic speed, agility and growth in your business.

* Reduced cost – pay for what you use;
* Optimal security and risk management;
* Optimal work performance;
* Works wherever you are;
* Any device can be used;
* Easy collaboration/ easy to use;
* Quick response time; and
* No integration restraints.

XCFrontier supports:

* Microsoft;
* Android;
* Linux / Unix;
* Licensed Application Access; and
* Open source and Closed source applications.

Let's talk more about this unique approach to employee mobility and efficiency.

Speed. Agility. Growth.

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