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Learn how to trade and arbitrage Bitcoin!

The Blockchain Academy is excited to announce its new Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners Course, taking place at the Bandwidth Barn, in Cape Town, on 23 November 2017.

More about the course

Cryptocurrencies are gaining ground rapidly!

The total market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies has surpassed $150 billion, with bitcoin at about $110 billion since its creation in 2009. You can still get involved as an early adopter by taking advantage of the many opportunities that currently exist.

The Blockchain Academy's new Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners Course aims to provide the basic knowledge needed to navigate the cryptocurrency markets. A complete novice trader who wishes to engage with the world of online trading is therefore the ideal candidate.

Learn everything from basic trading terminology to how to place orders via a broker using a trading platform or directly on an exchange. A large part of the course will focus on the practical side of using a trading platform, understanding the different order types and how to execute those orders in real-time in a simulated account.

An exciting arbitrage strategy is included at the end of the course, so you can engage with the cryptocurrency market in a highly effective manner.

Tickets can be bought here:

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