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KPMG embraces Facebook

KPMG SA is encouraging employees at its Johannesburg offices to get onto social networking Web sites Facebook and LinkedIn.

The company's director of marketing, communications and corporate social investment, Carl Ballot, says this initiative is aimed at “keeping up with the changing world”.

“Initially, we blocked access to these Web sites over concerns of security and productivity loss. However, we are seeing a new generation entering our workforce, which interacts in a whole new way. They are a product of a changing world, which we are eager to recognise and adapt to,” he says.

In the run up to the 29 February “launch” date, the company embarked on an internal marketing campaign to introduce staffers to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Web presence

KPMG SA also launched its company presence on Facebook on the same date. Since then, it has attracted 170 “fans”.

Ballot explains: “A Facebook fan is the business version of friends on individual profiles. We still expect this to increase significantly as we grow our movement within our operations and of course with our families, friends, partners and customers.”

KPMG's Facebook profile has several videos, including one on its “Global Opportunities” initiative and another on its “Growth Acceleration Programme” in support of the deputy president's Joint Initiative on Priority Skills Acquisition.

“Of course, we are looking to add to this profile as we go. Currently, we are looking at including honesty boxes, interactive user polls and much more activity on our online discussion boards,” says Ballot.

Additionally, KPMG staffers are being encouraged to form interest groups with a little guidance from the company's communications department.

“By this we really mean that we want to help with the appearance of the group sites. We have the expertise to make recommendations on correct logo usage and the like,” says Ballot.

As for security, Ballot says the company has reiterated that its general policies and guidelines are still in place for employees online. KPMG has, however, asked employees to stress that opinions are their own and not that of the company.

KPMG will extend access to Facebook and LinkedIn to its other South African offices shortly.

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