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African Internet capacity boosted

Satellite communications company Newtec says its FlexACM technology is capable of doubling link capacity on the Gateway Communications' continent-wide Internet backbone service, Africa IP JetDirect.

Gateway Communications unveiled IP JetDirect last year using C-band and Ku-band satellites to deliver IP services to mobile phone operators in Africa.

Newtec's DVB-S2 VCM and DVB-S2 FlexACM technologies have been deployed on several platforms across the African continent to ensure maximum bandwidth efficiency and allow Gateway to make best use of the scarce satellite capacity over Africa, states Newtec.

FlexACM implements adaptive coding and modulation, traffic shaping, and payload compression, as well as IP acceleration for IP trunking and IP backbone satellite links, explains Newtec.

The company notes that FlexACM can be used in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems, in one-way and two-way configurations. It can be used to upgrade existing satellite links without changing other elements of the transmission chain, such as the antenna or HPA.

The technology is capable of doubling the capacity of an existing link, and can also guarantee 100% availability of link reception, concludes the company.

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