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New Wireless-N router facilitates sharing of storage devices

A new broadband wireless router, targeted at both professional and personal Internet users, has been launched by Duxbury Networking. The Netgear WNR2200 N300 router is designed to provide fast 802.11n (Wireless-N) speeds up to 300Mbps for simultaneous downloads of data, voice, music and high-definition (HD) streaming video to cater for the latest online gaming applications.

The Netgear WNR2200 N300 router

A feature of the router is its ability to connect universal serial bus (USB) storage devices to the network, allowing users to share multimedia and data files via Netgear's own ReadyShare storage access facility.

ReadyShare is a software program that forms connections and facilitates the transfer and sharing of data among external hard drives, modems and routers.

“For example, it enables data stored on a hard drive to be shared simultaneously with multiple computers on a network, as well as enabling this data to be accessible over the Internet securely and reliably,” says Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking.

Highlights of the WNR2200 N300 router specification include a broadband usage meter that monitors Internet traffic and sends customised reports to help keep costs under control, and automatic quality of service (QoS) monitoring for reliable Internet connections to promote jitter-free voice and gaming applications. These features are designed to facilitate online gaming, speed downloads, and boost security and access restrictions for guests using the network.

“Built-in control functions on the Netgear WNR2200 router keep the Internet experience safe for users by blocking inappropriate content,” adds Robb. “This also protects connected devices such as PCs and gaming consoles from malware, hacking attempts and other malevolent intrusions.”

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