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School to provide pupils with iPads

School to provide pupils with iPads

A school in Kent, UK, is to give 1 400 pupils an iPad 2 at the start of the academic year in September, in a move that underlines just how pervasive Apple's device has become, writes The Frontline.

The project was set in motion in April, but came to light after a local reporter heard from the parents of a pupil at the Longfield Academy that the programme was going ahead.

It was organised in conjunction with education charity e-Learning, which will provide a grant to cover part of the cost, the rest made up by voluntary donations from parents.

The deal is reported to be worth just over £800 000 – big enough for Apple to send an iPad. project manager to demonstrate educational applications for parents reports eWeek.

The school told parents that building IT infrastructure – such as high speed Internet links, equipping and training teachers, interactive Whiteboards and learning software – is a priority.

Dartford Messenger reports that Valerie Thompson, CEO of the e-Learning Foundation said this will be the first big deployment of iPads for pupils in the UK.

She adds that the iPad has a 10-hour battery life, meaning pupils can use it non-stop in school hours, and pupils will be able to download some apps for free, including lesson and homework plans.

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