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Open Group unveils supply chain security standard

Open Group unveils supply chain security standard

The Open Group has published the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS) Snapshot; the first standard developed by The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF), Sys-Con reports.

Geared towards global providers and acquirers of commercial off-the-shelf ICT products, the O-TTPS is designed to provide an open standard for best practices to enhance the security of the global supply chain.

Dan Reddy, senior consulting product manager, Product Security Office, EMC, says in a Bradenton report: "With the rapid changes in computing infrastructure and growing security threats our industry is facing, EMC has, from the beginning of this initiative, invested in the Trusted Technology Forum's work to develop a practical standard that builds assurance for our global supply chains.”

David Lounsbury, CTO of The Open Group, says: "With the increasing threats posed by cyber attacks worldwide, technology buyers at large enterprises and government agencies across the globe need assurance the products they source come from trusted technology suppliers and providers who have met set criteria for securing their supply chains.”

Version 1.0 of the standard is expected to be published in late 2012, ZDNet says.

The Open Group is planning an accreditation programme to help provide assurance that providers conform to the standard.

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