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Pinterest winning popularity contest

According to Experian, Pinterest users are predominantly characterised as Baby Boomers and young adults who are heavy Web users.

Pinterest is now the third most popular social network in the US, beating out the likes of LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr, according to a new report.

The 2012 Digital Marketer Benchmark and Trend report, by Experian, says traffic on Pinterest went up nearly 50% between January and February 2012.

“Six-month trend numbers speak volumes: the invitation-only site received nearly 21.5 million total visits during the week ending 28 January 2012, almost 30 times the number of total visits versus just six months prior,” says the report.

Experian ranks the social networks' popularity based on the number of visits the sites receive over a given period.

Experian also noted that visitors to the social pinboarding site “have a different profile” when compared to their counterparts visiting other social services such as Twitter and Facebook. “This group of customers is characterised as Baby Boomers and young adults who are heavy Web users and spend time on house and garden, sports and fitness and family-oriented Web sites.”

Google ghost town?

Also countering reports of declining user activity on Google's social platform, Google+, Experian says the fledgling network actually saw a 27% increase in total visits in the US from February to March, with a total of 61 million visits. For the same period, Facebook saw seven billion visits to its site.

The growth trajectory of Google+ has been fairly erratic since its launch in June last year, with growth spikes in September and December, and flat periods in between.

In the most recent investor update from Google CEO Larry Page it was stated: “Well over 100 million users are active on Google+, and we're seeing a positive impact across the Web, with Google users being able to recommend search results and videos they like ā€“ a goal we've had ever since we started the company.”

“Activity on the Google+ Stream itself is increasing too,” said Page. “We're excited about the tremendous speed with which some people have amassed over one million followers, as well as the depth of the discussions taking place among happy, passionate users ā€“ all evidence that we're generating genuine engagement.”

This marks an increase of 10 million users since Page previously released Google+ user numbers in January.

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