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Rumour roundup: Galaxy SIII

Numerous images are doing the rounds online, but some sources say none of them are accurate, and security remains tight around the product announcement.

The rumours are flying thick and fast since Samsung sent out the invitations to a special launch event, in London, on 3 May, with the tagline: “Come and meet the next Galaxy.”

It is widely expected that Samsung will unveil the successor to its popular Galaxy SII handset, the Galaxy SIII. The SII has been Samsung's best-selling smartphone to date, with over 20 million sold since its launch last year.

In April 2011, Samsung and Visa announced they would partner to launch an “Olympics phone” that is expected to feature contactless payment functionality. Reports now suggest the Galaxy SIII will be that device.

Web portal BGR claimed to have received exclusive tip-offs on the specs of the upcoming device. The rumoured specifications include a 1.5GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor, 4.8-inch full HD 1080p resolution (with 16:9 aspect ratio), an 8MP rear camera, Ice Cream Sandwich and LTE support. The handset is also expected to be the first to feature a ceramic case design.

A number of images have also been doing the rounds online. Some photos show a Galaxy handset with a wider display and wider home button at the bottom of the display. Other images show a design that draws from the Galaxy Nexus with an all-touch, edge-to-edge display which would cater to the Ice Cream Sandwich interface. None of the images have been confirmed as authentic.

On Thursday, The Verge reported that its sources dismissed all design leaks as being inaccurate, adding that security around the SIII product information is the tightest in Samsung's history.

Those wanting to be among the first to see the new device can watch the live-stream of the event via the Samsung Mobile Facebook page on 3 May.

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