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Samsung Smart TVs get cloud gaming

Samsung Smart TVs get cloud gaming

Samsung is bringing videogames to its HDTVs with cloud computing, PC Mag writes.

The company is partnering with Gaikai to add the Samsung Cloud Gaming service to its current 7000 and up series HDTVs.

Broadband TV News says Samsung Cloud Gaming gives Smart TV users instant access to some of the videogame industry's biggest titles, without any need to download, install or patch/update games.

“Samsung is excited to deliver this revolutionary gaming experience that takes advantage of all the benefits of cloud computing, all on the central screen of the home – Samsung Smart TV,” said Kyung-shik Lee, VP, visual display business at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has hinted, however, at support for wired and wireless controllers from multiple manufacturers, which should enhance the televised gaming experience and could see compatibility with Xbox 360 controllers, T3 notes.

Gaikai won't be entering an empty market, however, with the likes of OnLive already cemented and slowly building up momentum, all eyes will be on whether they can dominate the cloud gaming market.

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