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Green Economy business model makes financial sense

To date there has been slow uptake of energy efficient products because of long pay-back periods. At Michelangelo, we realised that a business model for the green economy could create a platform for sustainable economic growth.

“The essence of the Green Economy is energy efficiency and water saving,” says Michelangelo CEO André Nel.

“By providing cost-effective solutions for the Green Economy, immediate cost savings on the water and lights bill can pay for the implementation through a financed model, with a nett saving in your pocket.”

Michelangelo Green Economy solutions include LED lights, heat pumps with solar pre-heating, inverter air-conditioners, improved insulation as well as eco-shower heads with rainwater catchment tanks that, in combination, ensure a payback period of just two years and can help reduce consumption by more than 50%.

A means of creating awareness of the benefits of the Green Economy is by involving organised business through business chambers to promote the Green approach. Michelangelo Technology as part of a joint venture with the Capital City Business Chamber won the Mail & Guardian Greening the Future 2012 “Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management” Award. The Greening judges applauded the work done to complete free Green Audits and provide information on the implementation cost and savings that can be achieved.

André Nel was named runner-up: “Energy Efficiency Champion” at the 2012 Eskom eta Awards, held on 15 November, for energy efficient designs completed during 33 Green Audits and the project implementation at Zuid Afrikaans hospital that on completion will save the hospital around 995 711kWh of energy annually.

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Michelangelo Technology

Established in 1999, Michelangelo Technology has been developing energy efficient solutions for the last seven years. Exports into Africa have placed the company in a position to fund the in-house development of energy efficient theft-proof computers as well as solutions for green buildings. Today, the Michelangelo Green Economy business model offers energy efficient water, heating and lighting as well as air-conditioning, along with water conservation, and includes electronic metering for electricity and water usage. Its Green Economy solutions are feasible in almost all cases and are scalable to include residential, hospitality, educational, commercial and industrial markets. Future Research & Development efforts into hybrid energy solutions incorporating various solar technologies will be undertaken in collaboration with the University of North West as part of a NRF THRIP grant. Visit


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