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Tender Watch

2014 kicks off with a bumper edition of the National Tender Bulletin. At a little under 300 pages, the issue features the usual abundance of medical requirements, but largely favours the property market, with the public sector hustling to secure office, parking and residential accommodation for the coming financial year.

Nevertheless, there are several interesting ICT opportunities making the new year kickoff. The Department of Defence is advertising for services for several of its provincial operations, without elaborating on the nature of the services required. The South African Revenue Service is considering proposals from network carriers, but interestingly, is specifying the various services separately. And not to be left out, the State IT Agency comes to the table with a selection of requirements from across government.

If nothing else, this issue reveals the public sector procurement machine is in fact operating. Government appears to have wrapped up 2013 by cleaning up its outstanding tender decisions, a process that Bytes has gained from noticeably.

New tenders

Department of Defence
The supply and installation of ICT infrastructure services is required for the Department of Defence in the Free State Province.
Compulsory briefing: 15 January
Tender no: CPSC/B/G/629/2013
Information: Colonel T Ntoni, (012) 529-0609
Closing date: 28 January

The supply and installation of ICT infrastructure services is required for the Department of Defence in the Gauteng Province.
Compulsory briefing: Was13 January
Tender no: CPSC/B/G/627/2013
Information: Colonel T Ntoni, (012) 529-0609
Closing date: 17 January

The supply and installation of ICT infrastructure services is required for the Department of Defence in the North West Province.
Compulsory briefing: 17 January
Tender no: CPSC/B/G/630/2013
Information: Colonel T Ntoni, (012) 529-0609
Closing date: 29 January

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
The department seeks to appoint a service provider for the supply, delivery and implementation of audiovisual and videoconferencing solutions for Forestry Boardroom at Hamilton 110 and Imbizo Boardroom at Harvest House.
Tender no:
Information: Technical: T Pinkhamm, (012) 319-6203; V Ndlozi, (012) 319-6140. General: S Motshwanedi, (012) 319-7184; R Gelebe, (012) 319-7039
Closing date: 22 January

The Engineering Council of South Africa
The council intends to lease two photocopiers for the duration of 36 or 60 months.
Tender no: ECSA/RFB/03/2013
Information: or 011 607 9553
Closing date: 20 January

State Information Technology Agency
SITA is advertising for the implementation of a student administration system for Limpopo Nursing College.
Compulsory briefing: Was14 January
Tender no: RFB 1157/2013
Information: (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543, or
Closing date: 24 January

The agency is also looking to procure an Internet/Intranet search solution.
Compulsory briefing: 16 January
Tender no: RFB 1158/2013
Information: (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543, or
Closing date: 30 January

SITA seeks to appoint a service provider for the management of a security operations centre for the Department of Trade and Industry.
Compulsory briefing: Was 14 January
Tender no: RFB 1159/2013
Information: (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543, or
Closing date: 24 January

The provision of broadband network services to all provincial government buildings and other facilities across the Western Cape government is sought for a period of 10 years.
Tender no: RFB 1161/2013
Information: (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543, or
Closing date: 24 January

Department of Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, KwaZulu-Natal
The provincial department seeks to procure an enterprise content management solution and services.
Tender no: ZNT 1912/2013 LG
Information: Technical: Khanyisa Zuma, (033) 395 3117
Closing date: 24 January

South African Revenue Service
SARS invites qualified service providers to submit a proposal to render a service for network carrier and infrastructure services.
Tower D: Data carrier services
Tower I: Internet and hosting services
Tower V: Voice carrier services
Tower S: SMS carrier services
Tender no: RFP 21/2013.
Information: All communications to SARS must be addressed to: and copied to:
Closing date: 10 February

Requests for information

State Information Technology Agency
SITA requests information on the establishment of a computer refurbishment centre in Kimberley.
Tender no: RFI 61/2013
Information: (012) 482-2668 or (012) 482-2543, or
Closing date: 17 January

South African Revenue Service
SARS invites qualified and interested service providers to submit their proposals for the establishment of a panel of expert advisory services for forensic investigations, tax, internal audit, financial risk management and valuations advice.
Tender no: RFI 02/2013.
Information: All communications to SARS must be addressed to: and copied to:
Closing date: 24 January

Supplier database invitations

Department of Human Settlements
The national department invites new suppliers/service providers to register on the department's suppliers' database. Quotations for the supply/rendering of goods/services for procurement not exceeding R500 000 will be invited on a rotation basis from suppliers/service providers registered on this database. Suppliers currently registered may only contact the under-mentioned officials if their company status has changed. The aim of the establishment of a database of suppliers is to incorporate as many as possible with the Public Sector Procurement. All bids exceeding the amount of R500 000 per case will be advertised in the Government Tender Bulletin.
Information:P van Aarde, (012) 421-1314; V Mkhwanazi, (012) 421-1579; K Maleka, (012) 421-1446; C Matlala, (012) 421-1644; J Zitha, (012) 421-1360; E Muthumuni, (012) 421-1383


National Health Laboratory Service
Request for IT network equipment at NHLS (National).
Tender no: RFB049/13/14

State Information Technology Agency
Request for procurement, training, maintenance, support and repairs of devices for digital forensic data extraction from mobile phones, mobile phone peripherals, personal digital assistants, SIM Cards and GPS for SAPS.
Tender no: RFB 1045/2012

Request to provide a nursing college administration system for Limpopo Department of Health.
Tender no: RFB 1134/2013

Request appointment of a service provider, to configure and manage a search solution for the DTI Internet and Intranet side.
Tender no: RFB 1116/2013

Procurement of stationery for a period of three years.
Tender no: RFB 1043/2013

The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications
Appointment of a reputable service provider to supply and deliver laptops and desktops computers.
Tender no: NRCS 014-2012/2013

Department of Public Works
Procurement of VMware licences.
Tender no: HP13/029


The Electoral Commission
Call centre services
Tender no: IEC/COM-02/2013
Successful bidder: Bytes People's Solutions
Value: R16 000 000

State Information Technology Agency
Provision of E-Cadastre Solution for the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
Tender no: RFB 996/2013
Successful bidder: Storage Technology Services
Value: Not disclosed

Western Cape Government
Supply, delivery, installation, demonstration, commissioning and rental of an electronic private automatic branch exchange (PABX) at Wesfleur Hospital for a three-year period, from 2 December 2013 to 30 November 2016
Tender no: WCDOH 427/2013
Successful bidder: Automated Office Equipment, t/a Smart Office Western Cape
Value: R595 135.08

Department of Education, KwaZulu-Natal
Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of 50 laptop trolleys (each trolley to accommodate 32 laptops), 50 digital data projectors and 1 600 laptop computers (32 laptops per trolley) to various schools throughout the province of KwaZulu-Natal
Tender no: ZNB 0028 E/2012/2013
Successful bidders:
- Bright Future Marketing
- Nhlaka Industries
- Ochwepheshe IT Services
Value:  Not disclosed

Leasing of two new high volume photocopier machines: one colour and one black-and-white, for KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education, for 228 Pietermaritz Street, Pietermaritzburg, for a period of 36 months
Tender no: ZNB 0009 E/2010/2011
Successful bidder:  Minolta, t/a Konica Minolta South Africa
Value:  Not disclosed

Department of Public Enterprises
Assist the department to develop and maintain a departmental Web site.
Tender no: DPE 2/2013-2014
Successful bidder: Nvision IT Solution Innovation
Value:  R969 287.85

Inter-bank compliance training
Tender no: BS/2013/RFB 240
Successful bidder: Gijima
Value: R8 689 342

Department of Public Works
Acquisition of billing and accounting systems for the PMTE
Tender no: HP 13/027
Successful bidder: Deloitte Consulting
Value:  Not disclosed

South African Police Service
Supply and delivery of single fingerprint scanners for person identification and identity verification purpose for the SAPS countrywide, for a period of two years – Division: Technology Management Services.
Tender no: 19/1/9/1/153TR(12)
Successful bidder: Bytes Technology Group South Africa
Value:  Not disclosed

Supply and delivery of multi-channel digital voice logging recorders for the South African Police Service 10111 centres countrywide, for a two-year contract, in accordance with SAPS specification 35/2012
Tender no: 19/1/9/1/131TR(13)|
Successful bidder: Voiceloggers SA
Value:  Not disclosed

Department of Health, KwaZulu-Natal
Supply of second- and third-year Microsoft open value licensing
Tender no: MHSC/011/13-14
Successful bidder: Datategra
Value:  R1 406 520.19

Tender no: MHSC/009/2013-14
Successful bidder: Bytes
Value:  R240 104.45

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