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Lesley Stones

Peter Alkema: Creating connections

24 Nov 2016Peter Alkema: There are enough ideas to solve the world's problems, but you have to create  connections between them.

There are three key components to being the CIO at FNB Business, Peter Alkema believes: running the IT systems, continually innovating to improve those systems, then telling the industry and potential customers about those innovative changes.

Sbu Shabalala: Leading the charge

24 Nov 2016Sbu Shabalala: South African software engineers have a great deal of intellectual property that deserves a global stage.

The IT Personality of the Year 2016 winner Sbu Shabalala believes in delegating to capable people. He's someone who thinks about every angle, stays out of the limelight and quietly gets things done.

Three brains are better than one

9 Sep 2016

To counteract the risk of allowing one leader to wield unshakeable control, Huawei's founder decided to have not only one man in the hot seat, but three.

Get set for cloudification

9 Sep 2016

The cloud is going to be the core operating system of the future, rather than just supporting what businesses already do, say several speakers at the Huawei Connect conference in Shanghai.

Giving a lift to the Internet of things

9 Sep 2016

Once the Internet of things truly takes off, China with its population of 1.3 billion people, is where the action will be.

Open source powers the cloud

6 Sep 2016

Linux now runs the vast majority of the world's stock markets, mobile devices, and virtually all high performance cloud systems.

Technology's starring role

18 Aug 2016

South Africa's movie industry has gained a world-class reputation for excellent production prowess and beautiful locations.

A deputy minister just like us

5 Aug 2016

Hlengiwe Mkhize would support the reuniting of the two comms departments, saying "it's important to consolidate and move the way the world is moving."

Jumping off the hamster wheel

23 Jun 2016

Darlene Menzies, a graduate from the school of hard knocks.

Tech arsenal in poaching WAR

9 Jun 2016

Can technology save the rhino?

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