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Joanne Carew

Joanne Carew is an ITWeb Cape-based contributor.

If a man wants a horse, give him a horse

22 Nov 2016

There are so many ways to know your customer, and smart brands are using this to their advantage.

Governance 2.0

19 Oct 2016

Sound data governance means an asset is viewed as an asset, not a potential liability.

The modern MVNO

14 Sep 2016

How MVNOs and MNOs can work together, while keeping each other on their toes.

ERP evolved

16 Aug 2016

The new wave of ERP systems is all about mobility and the user experience.

The death of document management?

14 Jul 2016

Is document management a thing of the past? No. But it is changing. Fast.

Innovation and the CFO

10 May 2016

Understanding the value of technology is now part of the CFO's job description.

Thinking machines

19 Apr 2016

Cognitive analytics allows an enterprise to analyse its data using machines that can think and learn.

Breaking boundaries

15 Mar 2016

Bringing open source and open innovation together is changing the way business is done.

Information on demand

16 Feb 2016

Collaboration, knowledge sharing and digital technologies are the cornerstones of any effective KM strategy.

The rise of the OTT

13 Jan 2016

The proliferation of OTT content services is hitting telecom companies' revenues. The challenge is how to respond.

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