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Mervyn Mooi

Mervyn Mooi is a director of Knowledge Integration Dynamics (KID), and also a key resource within the company's information management, data warehousing and business intelligence teams. He has been in the IT industry for 36 years, beginning his career as an operator at the CICS bureau in Johannesburg in the early 1980s. Thereafter, he was appointed as a programmer at state-owned oil exploration and production company SOEKOR. In 1986, Mooi joined Anglo American's head office IT department where he remained for almost 12 years. Here he progressed to become a senior programmer, analyst, database administrator and technical support specialist. After completing his degree in informatics, he then left to join Software Futures, where he worked as a senior consultant for 18 months in the data warehousing and business intelligence arena. Mooi joined KID in 1999 as a data warehouse and business intelligence specialist. Mooi's experience in ICT disciplines includes operations, business and systems analysis, application development, database administration, data governance/management, data architecture/modelling, production application and systems software support, data warehousing and business intelligence. He now focuses on enterprise information management, information governance and cloud solutions.

A safeguard in the digital economy

12 Jul 2017

While data is being used in myriad new ways, the rules for effective governance must prevail.

Data in transit raises security risks

31 May 2017

Keeping data secure can be as daunting as herding cats, unless data governance is approached strategically.

Big data: Over-hyped and under-utilised

14 Mar 2017

Companies are missing the big data boat – it's there for everyone but its potential is being wasted.

Purposefully applying insights

18 Jan 2017

Companies must formulate an advance plan of action for any positive or negative findings that come from data analytics.

Fishing for facts

29 Nov 2016

Getting qualified answers from a vast, unstructured data lake demands a blended data approach to analytics.

Down to the bone

6 Oct 2016

Human error can be the undoing of the best data security measures, so the most effective place to secure data is at its most basic level.

Don't blame data management

6 Sep 2016

When poor quality data and siloed information impact operational efficiencies, companies generally point a finger at data management.

Big data versus accuracy

5 Aug 2016

Analysis of unstructured big data has the potential to enhance structured data analysis. But don't believe everything it contains.

Moving mountains... strategically

7 Jul 2016

Striving to become a data-driven company is not enough – strategy is crucial to ensure the data is used optimally.

Data science is a team effort

27 May 2016

Data science is a multifaceted field encompassing many disciplines; it takes more than one 'uber-data scientist' to be effective.

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