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Tamsin Oxford

Video conferencing: Level Up

21 Sep 2017

Get ready to slip into some spandex with the video conference of the future.

Riding the digital storm

23 Aug 2017

It's time to put on your wellies. The digital disruption storm is past the horizon and in the business backyard.

The machines are here

12 Jul 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to change the world. The question isn't when, but how…

Showing the money

14 Jun 2017

Cash. Cards. Connectivity. Dusty notes and dirty coins disrupted to digital.

It's just IT

29 May 2017

Shadow IT is a complex and compelling topic that can potentially present an inventive solution to a challenging corporate landscape.

Investing in innovation

24 Apr 2017

It's raining digital and disruption. It's time to strap on your innovation wellies and get wet.

Making cloud pay

31 Mar 2017

Cloud may well come bundled with statistics and services that make the business swoon, but it needs to deliver on its promises.

Reinventing intelligent agility

28 Feb 2017

It seems 2016 may have been the year of the buzzword, but 2017 looks set to be the year where IT is reinvented.

Hauling that wireless back

27 Jan 2017

Wireless connectivity looks set to hold the networks together as data demand rises and traffic continues its exponential growth.

Unskilled uncertainty

15 Nov 2016

It's time to stop whining about how there's no talent, and start making it instead.

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