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Martin May

Martin May is the regional director (Africa) of Extreme Networks. The author of the book: “Everything you need to know about networking”, he is a leading authority on infrastructure security using NAC, IDS/IPS and other network-based technologies. With experience gained in Russia, Germany, UK, the US and various parts of Africa, he is directly involved with system design and implementation at enterprise level. His emphasis is on the evolution in network architectures brought about by the concept of cloud computing. May hosts regular workshops assisting South African dealers and resellers to understand the implications, complications, opportunities and international trends surrounding the cloud. A proponent of social networking for business, he is active on Facebook and makes extensive use of YouTube.

WiFi on the air

2 Dec 2014

WiFi is on its way to effectively becoming the ‘radio' for the Internet of things.

The IOT-cloud relationship

5 Nov 2014

The Internet of things will rely on cloud computing for processing power, storage and interconnectedness.

Capacity is key in IOT era

3 Oct 2014

The Internet of things will evolve into an advanced 'universe' containing billions of 'things' before the decade is out.

Evolving challenge facing wireless tech

2 Sep 2014

With the rapidly growing BYOD movement, client congestion has become a widespread problem for wireless networks.

New day dawns for open source

1 Aug 2014

The open source world is on a journey of democratisation, and its success is on the rise.

Singing in the clouds

3 Jul 2014

Establishing best practices for global cloud security is central to successful cloud orchestration.

Intelligence saves

2 Jun 2014

The burgeoning role of analytics in networking can protect companies against the catastrophic consequences of downtime.

Game-changer in the cloud

6 May 2014

When total cost of ownership is considered, security as a service delivers a more cost-effective and comprehensive solution.

Developing NFV regulations

3 Apr 2014

How network functions virtualisation will standardise cloud infrastructures.

Standards war on the cards?

25 Feb 2014

Will there be a Hydrogen-fuelled fight for the soul of software-defined networking?

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