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African developers shine at Facebook's F8 event

The developers showcased the innovative products and services they created for local communities and the global market.


Mobile innovation will drive digital market

Virtual reality, smart home tech, connected cars, wearables and mobile payments are expected to be the main drivers of growth in the digital market.


Digital investment fund plans to raise $300m

Alphabit, a global fund that invests in digital currencies, has been introduced with a target of $300 million.

Business facilitates home-cooked meals

The site features a variety of restaurants, chefs and home bakers offering freshly prepared home-cooked meals.


Gumtree sports new look

The online classifieds service revamps its site, introducing add-on features and a new logo.


Liquid Telecom, Intelsat partner to boost African broadband

The companies say the deal will help deliver more bandwidth with greater efficiency, to meet the growing needs of businesses across Africa.


UN tool uses satellite data to help farmers save water

The UN-developed WaPOR open-access database enables countries to easily monitor how efficiently farms use water, improving food production.


Cameroon orders Internet restored

The Internet returns to Cameroon's restive Anglophone region, three months after it was cut amid protests against the government.


DFA tight-lipped on possible sale

Dark Fibre Africa will not comment on market speculation its parent company is in talks to sell it to Internet Solutions.

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