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OpenText unveils AGA 10.7

The company has made available Application Governance & Archiving 10.7 for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SharePoint Services.


MS Outlook hacking allegations 'groundless'

Allegations that Chinese authorities hacked into Microsoft's Outlook e-mail service are "groundless slander", says Beijing's cyberspace regulator.


How to deal with bad quality VOIP

Icasa has stipulated refunds that apply when a fault has been reported but remains unresolved for more than three days, says Mitchell Barker, founder of WhichVoip.


Paper could be the downfall of compliance

Companies must factor paper-based documentation into their GRC strategies, or run the risk of non-compliance, says Andrew Griffith, product manager: office products at Konica Minolta SA.


ITAD policy ensures compliance

The disposal of computers can be a complicated, cumbersome task with several pitfalls if not undertaken professionally, says Xperien.


Combating boardroom dysfunction

CGF Research Institute's Terrance Booysen will elaborate on boardroom dysfunction at the ITWeb GRC 2015 event.


Call Cabinet debuts compliant voice logger

CallCabinet Atmos enables compliance with the consumer protection, record-keeping and data security requirements of South African legislation.


Integration the secret behind work/life balance

When it comes to business governance with the emerging workforce, the old rules simply do not apply, says Andre Louw, CEO of MobileData.


'WikiLeaks' for Africa

AfriLeaks is now accepting confidential documentation it will securely send to media houses to expose corruption.

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