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POPI - to Act or not to Act?

There is no official indication of when the Act will be fully enforced, or if any progress has been made in appointing an information regulator, says Alison Treadaway, MD of Striata.


US Internet providers hit with tougher rules

Internet providers have pledged to battle the new restrictions in the courts and Congress.


Google merges European divisions

The company combines its European regional divisions as it seeks to meet the challenges of tougher regulation.


Governance failure: SA at risk

Political instability, power crisis, corruption, and overly prescriptive regulation threaten the country's governance capabilities, says CGF Research Institute.


State condemns security leaks

The State Security Agency says the "purported" leaking of secret documents is illegal.


Taking a federated approach to GRC

The model establishes enterprise-wide taxonomy, standards and methods for risk identification, says GRC 20/20.


DOC gets own budget

Almost a year after the surprise split of the former communications department, the Department of Communications gets its own budget.


GRC tames business uncertainties

With governance, risk and compliance in place, businesses can tackle uncertainties and manage risks, says MetricStream.


Need for tech-savvy board of directors

Most members of the board are intimidated by technology, says former ISACA president.

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