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Puleng GRC programme ushers winds of change

The company provides customers with solutions that automate, integrate and drive higher levels of efficiencies while enforcing and mitigating risks. 


UCS solutions achieves PCI DSS certification

By continuously complying with these standards, the company is able to ensure cardholder data is protected at all times, says UCS Solutions' Glen Khan.


Toshiba expands accounting probe

The conglomerate will extend its accounting practices investigation to include its TV, computer and chip businesses.


Russia threatens to block Google, Twitter

Google, Twitter and Facebook risk being blocked if they do not comply with Russian Internet laws.


Signatory processes risk POPI breach

The typical practice used to collect signatures exposes this information to risk in contravention with the law, says DocuSign.


Senators oppose extension of data collection

Legislators aim to convince the US Senate not to extend legal provisions that enable the collection of billions of telephone call records.


Are you ready for GHS deadline?

The LogiJet TC8 printer is compliant with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, coming into effect on 1 June.


Training brings ISO22301 BCM to life

Training lets executives who take on business continuity management responsibility learn what the standard means in practical terms, says Humbulani Sigidane, BCM advisor at ContinuitySA.


Bateleur Software fights financial crime

As a FICO TONBELLER-certified solution partner, the company will help banks, insurance companies and industrial businesses meet regulatory obligations.

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