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Sony wants halt on reports from leaked documents

Sony wants media organisations to stop publishing information contained in documents stolen by hackers.


Use tape backup at your peril

Tape backups are a risky way of storing business-critical data, says Networks Unlimited.


Africa poised for more innovation

Frost & Sullivan's forecast towards 2018 shows mobile operators will tap into e-commerce, health, e-learning and e-governance.


ATIO awarded Level 2 B-BBEE status

The ICT services company has received the status, for the second year in a row, by Mazars.


FIDO 1.0 specifications published and final

The association is preparing for broad industry adoption of strong authentication in 2015.


Getting it right for online shopping

Online consumers should become familiar with local and international regulations, says DHL Express.


No fingers pointing to North Korea

An FBI official says the agency has not confirmed suspicions that North Korea is behind the cyber attack on Sony.


Internet firms above the law

Online services companies are seeking to be excluded from a new EU cyber security law.


NSA surveillance a 'trade barrier' for EU

Mass surveillance by the NSA is a trade barrier for European companies trying to provide services in the US, says a top EU official.

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17 & 18 March - Conf /19 March - Workshops
Vodacom World, Midrand
On the agenda are case studies covering a range of vertical markets:
FMCG: Darryl Thwaits, CIO, Tiger Brands
Financial services: Robert Boccia, CIO, Lion of Africa
Retail: Danny Naidoo, CIO, Woolworths
Steel and mining: Nick Bell, CEO, Decision Inc. and Tobie Otto, senior consultant, SAP CoE, ArcelorMittal
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