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Viewpoint: Three trends in SA's business continuity

Bruckner de Villiers, general manager, Western Cape, ContinuitySA sees three trends shaping business continuity in SA.


SA in COBIT 5 EA framework drive

The government shows strong intent to establish the enterprise architecture framework within the public sector, says Real IRM.


FTC has power to police cyber security

A US appeals court finds the Federal Trade Commission has authority to regulate corporate cyber security.


Financial firms lack fraud prevention tools

The organisations aim to mitigate the consequences of online fraud, rather than preventing incidents entirely, says Kaspersky Lab.


Parent tool to monitor children's online activities

Government's e-Parenting programme aims to support parents to cope with the challenges of parenting in the digital age.


China is govt ministries' favourite destination

Department heads and officials from communications, home affairs, and education travelled to China during the 2014/2015 financial year.


Advanced courses raise the bar

The University of Cape Town and GetSmarter's portfolio is designed for working professionals who are aspiring to a managerial role.


Taking the guesswork out of innovation

With the right tools, it is possible to tell your innovation story in a successful way, says James Gardner, CTO at Mindjet.


New sources of disruption demand resilience

Resilience enables the investment in BCM to be more fully leveraged and optimised, says Ernst & Young.

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