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Infor announces new era of automated financials

CloudSuite Financials delivers functional change in cloud-based financial management.


Avaya goes 'hands-free'

The company is collaborating with Wind River in the development of a "hands-free" vSwitch network services configuration.


Developers face a multi-device world

Multi-screen and multi-device use is a reality, which can create compatibility issues.


Fujitsu collaborates with Red Hat

The companies will deliver a hyperscale, software-defined storage appliance that provides online data access in the multi-petabyte range.


Google unwraps $105 Android One

The Internet search engine company offers a $105 smartphone in India, to boost sales in key emerging markets.


Zimbra - a goliath in the open source field

The company is able to bring thousands of users together through its applications.


Obsidian Systems, GuruHut partner

The partnership will result in an integrated solution for the local Red Hat JBoss middleware market.


HP buys cloud software start-up

The company plans to buy start-up Eucalyptus Software in a rare acquisition since its failed purchase of Autonomy.


Practical software solutions from Praxis

Praxis Computing and Red Hat will host the 'Enterprise Open Source – Meet the Stack' conference next month.

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