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Computing power takes on Zika virus

IBM powers virtual experiments on compounds that could form the basis of anti-viral drugs to cure the Zika virus.

The World Health Organisation has declared Zika a global public health emergency.


Weighing up infrastructure options for big data

Building your own big data capabilities could mean business goals take a long time to be delivered, are only partially met, or aren't achieved at all, says Vicky Falconer, Big Data Solutions Lead, Oracle Australia.


Larry Page spars with Oracle attorney

Alphabet CEO Larry Page told jurors Google's use of Java was consistent with widespread industry practice.


No more app downloading

Google showcased a proof of concept at its developer conference that will do away with the need to download apps.


'Name Android N' poll sparks online flames

Twitter users point out that Android suggesting an "n-word" invokes a minced racial slur.


Oracle says Google punched its profits down

Customers cut the licensing fees they paid to Oracle after Google used its Java software to develop Android, says Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz.


Blockchain mainstream adoption still 10 years away

The practical deployment of the technology for entire business processes is unlikely to happen within the coming decade, say analysts.


Tech start-upper 'steals Kickstarter funds to build house'

Canadian start-up Peachy Printer says co-founder David Boe embezzled thousands of crowd-funded dollars and used the money to build his house.


Digital transformation and the Open era

There is a new era of  'amateur' app development, where people outside of traditional institutional IT, some very young, develop micro apps, says Martilene Orffer, MD and CEO of OPENCOLLAB.


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