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Review: Huawei Ascend Mate 7 - balancing performance and power

Business users looking for a large smartphone with unrivalled battery life, will find the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 their best choice.


IT professionals trust open source more

Zimbra released a report highlighting greater trust in open source among IT professionals than proprietary software.


SUSE reduces server capex by 80%

Customers migrating away from proprietary Unix systems saved an average of 80% per server running SUSE Linux Enterprise.  


Android the way 2go

Mobile social network, 2go, reaches over two million monthly active users on its Android app.


Open source attracts cyber criminals

In 2015, businesses will see more attacks taking advantage of vulnerabilities in open source components, says Trend Micro.


Smartphone growth set to slow

IDC's mobile phone research team expects global smartphone growth to slow from a boil to a simmer as prices drop and markets mature.


Thumbzup cuts through payment palaver

The Payment Blade is a dedicated smart device created to augment the Payment Pebble, negating the need for a smartphone.


Cloud pacesetters reap rewards

Organisations that deploy cloud on a broad scale gain competitive advantage, says IBM.


Open source software boosts service delivery

The software provides a platform to develop solutions at a lower cost than proprietary technologies, says T-Systems.

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