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Qualcomm backs Android Oreo

Android Oreo (Go edition) is expected to be available in early 2018, running on devices based on Snapdragon mobile platforms.


10 open source predictions for 2018

Here are 10 trends that you may – or may not – see coming to the fore next year.


Facebook, Google, Red Hat, IBM revisit open source licencing

Four of the largest players in the open source arena commit to extend cure period for developers to correct errors in licence compliance.


New open source linting tool from Microsoft

A new, open source linting tool and site scanner that is said to offer Web developers a way to search their sites for errors and security flaws has been launched by Microsoft.


What is really driving open source adoption?

Open source now represents the fastest growing segment of enterprise IT.


#gkVacWork Mpumalanga winners announced

Participants had to come up with ideas of how they would help their community realise and transition into the 'green economy', says Geekulcha.


Amazon adopts open cloud technology

The online retailer adopts Kubernetes, a popular open source technology, in a sign of increased competition in the cloud computing business.


Vespa, Yahoo's search code, released as open source

It has been released by Oath, the Verizon subsidiary that owns Yahoo, and is available on GitHub.


Blockchain network teams up with big global corporates

IOTA partners with Cisco, Volkswagen, Samsung and others to launch a secure marketplace for data.

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