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Citrix supports Android for Work

The company offers support for Google's recently-unveiled Android for Work platform.


Google boosts Android for Work appeal

Android for Work will provide improved security and management features for corporations wanting to give employees Android smartphones.


LSD explains OpenStack

OpenStack has become fashionable. Everyone wants it, but no-one knows specifically what they want to achieve with it, says LSD.


SUSE Enterprise Storage now available

SUSE has annouced the availability of its Ceph-powered self-managing, self-healing, distributed software-based storage solution for enterprise customers.


Obsidian toasts power of open source

Mozilla OS evangelist Schalk Neethling will speak at the Obsidian Systems Free Beer Sessions event, on 12 March.


Google, wireless carriers partner for m-payment

AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Verizon will include the Google Wallet app later this year on Android smartphones.


SUSE shows solutions for zero downtime

The topic of the SUSE Linux Expert Day is: "Towards zero downtime", taking place on 3 March in Johannesburg and 5 March in CT.


MTN increases efficiencies, reduces IT opex spend

MTN recently awarded the support services contract for its desktop fleet to Integr8.


Red Hat, 3scale in API joint venture

The companies offer a joint solution to provide an application programming interface development, deployment and management tool.

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