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Modern batch: managing the madness

Management approaches that have evolved over the years in managing enterprise batch computing may be just what's needed in today's elastic environment, says Rui Serra, regional manager Africa at BMC.


Capture immediate business value with incremental investments in IIOT

The sooner you take the first step, the sooner you will capture the compelling financial and competitive advantages of IIOT, says John Fryer, Strategic Technical Marketing Executive of Stratus Technologies.


Why print security is a rising threat

MFPs make a digital copy of each document before it's printed or sent over e-mail, and this information is vulnerable to being hacked, says Nathan Nayagar, MD for Lexmark - SA & English speaking Africa.


Taking the mid-market to cloud

'Powered by Avaya' allows partners to offer UC, video conferencing and contact centre solutions to their customer base, says Danny Drew, MD for SA at Avaya.


No time to lose for POPI compliance

South African companies are being hacked as often as any other companies in any other county around the world, says Craig Moir, MD of MyDBA.


Understanding data warehousing

A data warehouse allows investigation of corporate data from several perspectives, uncovering key insights that drive corporate decisions, says Jay Shah, associate VP at Nihilent Technologies.


Bringing the business to you

Workflow makes your business more efficient, freeing you up to focus on building your business, says Stephan Gous, SWECA Territory Manager, Nintex.


FAAS unlocks potential

There is a new term on the rise, called function as a service (FAAS), which will revolutionise the way we think about computing, says Louis Pienaar, BU Head, Cloud Services at EOH.

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