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Malware extorts ransom in Bitcoins

Cyber criminals spread malicious code to encrypt their victims' files and extort a ransom in Bitcoins, says ESET.


Linux makers to thwart 'Ghost' threat

Red Hat and others update their software to thwart a serious new cyber threat that can allow hackers to gain remote control of systems.


Adobe issues fix for zero-day vulnerability

The software maker issues a fix for a critical vulnerability in Flash Player, which will be available for manual download this week.


Malaysia Airlines site hacked

The official Web site of national carrier Malaysia Airlines has been hacked by a group calling itself the "Official Cyber Caliphate".


MS Outlook hacking allegations 'groundless'

Allegations that Chinese authorities hacked into Microsoft's Outlook e-mail service are "groundless slander", says Beijing's cyberspace regulator.


Cyber crime clampdown in works

New legislation that will introduce more decisive measures to act against cyber crime is in the pipeline.


DDOS attacks: prepare for the worst

While it's impossible to predict a DDOS attack, it is possible to mitigate such an incident, says F5 Networks.


Sophos releases 2015 cyber security predictions

Internet of things attacks are moving from proof-of-concept to mainstream risks, according to the Sophos Security Threat Trends 2015 report. [Local rep: NetXactics]


BYOD security requires multifaceted approach

A multifaceted approach is required to face the security threats posed to businesses by BYOD, says DCC.

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