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Lenovo's ghastly malware mistake

Either Lenovo failed dismally at its primary responsibility to vet its third-party bundles, or it knew and turned a blind eye.


Why security fails

Major changes are overdue in IT security, says security guru Rik Ferguson.


Lizard Squad hacks Lenovo

The hacking group claims credit for attacks that breached Lenovo's domain name system and intercepted internal company e-mails.


More companies take on cyber aggression

By 2018, 40% of large organisations will have formal plans to address large-scale cyber security attacks, says Gartner.


Trend Micro sizes up 2014

The High Cost of Complacency report examines the Sony hack, as well as the rise of the cyber underground and proliferation of ransomware.


NSA chief mum on spyware reports

Michael Rogers refuses to comment on reports that the US government implants spyware on hard drives for surveillance purposes.


Lenovo users urged to delete Superfish

Customers should remove the malware-like program pre-installed on some Lenovo laptops, as it makes users vulnerable to cyber attacks.


Hack gave access to billions of phones

The alleged hack on Gemalto would expand the scope of known mass surveillance methods available to US and British spy agencies.


Nclose, FireEye confirm strategic partnership

The FireEye Threat Prevention Platform provides real-time, dynamic threat protection, without the use of traditional signatures.

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