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The future of business

The future isn't about data or digital. It's about processes.


Esker is automating order processing for PepsiCo

SPI and its Southern African reseller Esker announced this today.

Industry Solutions

Streamlining contact centre operations in a modern era

INOVO introduced a solution called Customer Interaction Management to help DirectAxis improve the workflow of their loan applications process.


A blended approach to business process improvement deployment

Gerry Bruno of Gerard Bruno Associates and Ian Huntly, CEO and MD of Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings discuss this in a SoftExpert white paper.


BPM: Same old, same old, or not?

Some vendors may suggest intelligent BPM is a radical approach to managing business processes while independent analysts insist it is simply the natural evolution of BPM.


Adoption of BPS needs to grow across industries

In the digital economy, business productivity solutions have become essential to running an effective organisation, says Wilhelm Greeff, business manager for business productivity solutions at Decision Inc.


Workflow a major challenge for contract management

given the difficulties with maintaining effective workflows, managing contracts has become a growing concern for organisations of all sizes, says US-based SpringCM.


Maintaining effective systems in rapid growth periods

With the correct systems in place, the business can function at the same efficiency regardless of its size, says Softworx.


Workflow integration more important than interoperability?

Integrated workflow can provide immediate relief to business issues that are a result of poor interoperability, says IQbusiness.

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