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Mango goes proudly South African

The airline has chosen Globetom's GEF middleware platform as the messaging stack for its MARS reservation platform.

Industry Solutions

Emerge Queue installs system at Bidvest Bank

The Qmatic CEM system at the bank's Corporate Hub uMhlanga branch improves the customer experience and optimises Bidvest's customer flow.

Industry Solutions

EnviroServ embraces next-gen billing

The company is only using some features of the EDD solution, but plans to work further with ACTNET to roll out more advanced capabilities.

Industry Solutions

Synergy provides holistic solution for KTH

The company successfully implemented of the Financial Reporting Standards mechanism for Kagiso Tiso Holdings.

Industry Solutions

Tsogo Sun boosts invoicing efficiency with Decision Inc.

The company developed a Customer Hub on Microsoft SharePoint tech, with customisation and workflow integration built into Tsogo Sun's systems.

Industry Solutions

Oklahoma venue deploys Aruba Networks WiFi

State Fair Park in Oklahoma City upgrades to 802.11ac and employs a new mobile app for vendors and visitors of its 200 annual events.

Industry Solutions

Grant Thornton Johannesburg partners with Syrex

The company has completed the installation of a new network for Grant Thornton Johannesburg.

Industry Solutions

Helderberg Retirement Village looks to Sage Intelligence

AWCape designed and implemented a Sage Intelligence system, giving managers access to better management information and reports.

Industry Solutions

Axis boosts Table Mountain cableway security

The company's product range and support secured the network cameras for the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway's digital surveillence.

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