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Palo Alto Traps: the end for AV and EDR?

Traps is prevention-focused, and preventing threats should always trump detecting them, says Juniper Ambassador Stefan Fouant, quoted by Obscure Technologies.


Happy employees integral to a company's success

BBD recently ranked number one in My Broadband's 2017 Salary Survey for the IT sector, indicating a high employee happiness rating, says Peter Searle, BBD CEO.


Bitcoin Scaling Agreement: Cryptocurrency regulatory parable

The Bitcoin Scaling Agreement was as much a story about technology as Titanic was about a ship, says says Seshree Govender, associate at Webber Wentzel.


Sci-fi or reality?

Companies have access to data that can predict buyer behaviour, buying patterns and online personae, says Lenore Kerrigan, country sales director of OpenText Africa.


Change the box

Change management has moved away from ticking the box to thinking outside of it.


Small business networks - wired, wireless, or both?

Sometimes a combination wireless-wired solution will deliver the most bang for your buck, says Erik Jordaan, director at BT-SA.


Leverage human capital to drive innovation

Human capital, as it's commonly referred to, is often a company's greatest asset, explains Bruce Arnold, co-founder of Pivotal.


POPI adds new dimension to protection

The law not only covers people, but ‘data subjects' or any legal entities that then have the right to have their information protected, says Danie Marais, founder and director of Redstor.


Where to next for the apex primate?

We can scale up silicon-based capabilities in a largely unrestricted fashion, and this is enabling us to deliver AI capabilities that were the stuff of science fiction only a few years ago, says Simon Carpenter, chief technology advisor: SAP Africa.

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