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African manufacturers get competitive with cloud

A good cloud-based business management platform will allow a manufacturer to automate and accelerate processes and reporting, says Jeremy Waterman, MD for Sage ERP Africa & Middle East.


Keep children safe online

ESET has recently launched a Beta version of its new Parental Control for Android app, says Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO of ESET.


Managing organisational risk

For tools or technology to be valuable, they must improve profit, reduce loss or improve the risk against loss, and maintain organisational stability, says Kevin Halkerd, senior security specialist at J2 Software.


Six ways to improve customer experience

Customer experience management helps companies to change the way they handle customer interactions as they happen, says Cecilia Jofré, executive of Intuate Group.


SA enters brave new era of VOIP

This requires brand-new organisational skills and lines of responsibility, says Dave Meintjes, MD of cloud-based PBX provider, Connection Telecom.


UCaaS offers simplicity, lowered TCO

Unified communications as a service offers a total communications service without the need for network hardware or application software purchases, says Richard Vester, director at EOH Cloud Services.


Improving data integrity and reporting efficiencies

Cognos Controller and FSR have enabled Waco to enhance the reliability and proficiency of its data, says Dharishan Padiachy, Group accountant at Waco International.  


Avoiding security leaks in printers, copiers

Securing the information on these devices is crucial to meet regulatory, compliance and general data and information security requirements, says Jacques van Wyk, COO of Ricoh SA.


Cyber insurance unpacked

As opposed to just covering the insured for direct financial losses, cyber insurance policies cover the resultant expenses of a breach, says Ryan van de Coolwijk, director at CyGeist.

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