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Multifunctional printers: device of choice in age of mobility

MFPs can be integrated into any existing network, making it possible to monitor printer fleet remotely and reduce inefficiency in fleet management, says Marc Pillay, CEO at Develop SA.


How to solve your storage nightmare

Companies can only leverage the benefits of a virtualised environment if their storage can operate at the VM-level, says Mark Young, director of Systems Engineering, EMEA at Tintri. [Local rep: Networks Unlimited]


Are university contact centres tech savvy enough?

Education institution contact centres should be embracing technology to offer the best support and customer experience for students, says Jed Hewson, co-founder and Joint CEO of 1Stream.


Dealing with a DDOS attack on your business

On Friday 21 October, attacks on tens of millions of IP addresses at same time sparked a global crisis, says Andrew Potgieter, Security Solutions Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa.


Long live app composition

There is much that still needs to be learned about mobile app development in terms of designing, building and deploying really great ones, says Richard Firth, CEO of MIP Holdings.


2017: the year of business automation

Business process automation presents a way for managers to significantly increase value by strategically streamlining core operations, says Steve Smith, US COO, Esker.


Going wireless? Protect your network

The massive growth of wireless devices has a tremendous effect on the way a business designs its wireless network and controls access, says Douglas Ramos, director of Wireless Product Marketing at Fortinet. [Local rep: Networks Unlimited]


Data centres of the future

The trends driving modern data centres are promising some much-needed relief over the next few years and into the future, says Anthea Nadin, data centre solution specialist at Aptronics.


Integrating accountability into SED projects

Barend Cronje, CEO of CoLAB, looks improving the outcomes through integrating accountability and transparency into socioeconomic development projects.

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