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Embracing integrated HR systems

By linking the HR system to other core business applications, the company can improve daily operations, says Ian McAlister, GM of CRS Technologies.


Meeting the demands of the future workforce

Cloud computing will play a central role in enabling mobility and remote working, says Allan Macfarlane, CTO at Pivotal Data.


Cloud is about innovation, not just operational excellence

The could is also about unlocking new strategic options for an organisation, says Kathryn Tindale, director: sales, of Tarsus On Demand.


Turning vision into a digital transformation plan

Understanding a company's vision is crucial when thinking about using technology effectively, says Jan Joubert, CEO at Rainmaker.


CIOs must help companies unlock imagination, agility

CIOs have an important role to play as agents and supporters of strategic change, says Miles Crisp, CEO of Tarsus Technology Group.


Encryption is like beer goggles

With between 50% and 70% of online traffic now encrypted, it is safe to say that some of that traffic is concealed malware, says Brenwin Traill from Securicom.


Strategic AI: chat abot it

Artificial intelligence is shifting the goalposts for contact centres, thanks to the growth in chatbot availability and capability, says Bruce von Maltitz, director of 1Stream.


Failing at Waterfall will mean failing at Agile too

Simply adopting Agile isn't a magic way in which to overcome embedded problems. Those things that caused your Waterfall method to fail are equally likely to scupper your Agile deployment.


Backups missing from BYOD strategies

Companies must consider backup solutions that protect data on endpoints, including smartphones and tablets, says Kathryn Tindale, director: sales at Tarsus On Demand.

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