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Painting a picture with data

Visual data analytics presents data in a way that is visual, easy to understand, fosters collaboration and supports mobility, says Greaterman Nkomo, Account Executive, Visual Analytics, SAS.


The benefits of an ICT internship programme

ConVista's Intern Development Programme contributes to broader youth development, and the organisational requirement for skilled talent, says Sheryl Cooke, HR Manager at ConVista Consulting.


Key criteria for hosted business continuity

There's more to business continuity than replicating servers onto a different rack in the same data centre, says Sasha Malic, head of Availability and Hosting Services at ContinuitySA.


Backup, recovery more business-critical than ever

It is vital for every business to have an up-to-date disaster recovery strategy, says Justin Elms, senior product manager for Infrastructure Services at Vox Telecom.


Financial reporting as 'single version of the target'

There is often a disconnection between the budget and what business units are planning to do at the lowest level, says Tim Atkins, senior consultant and lead architect for Financial Planning & Consolidations at ConVista.


Records management crucial for business continuity

Organisations should integrate their management system for records with their business continuity management system, says Louisa Venter, Datacentrix senior enterprise information management consultant.


Engage SharePoint and maximise value

Dropping a couple of thousand files into SharePoint just before go-live is a no-no, says Kirk Schafer, director of Dac Systems.


Local retailers slow on the uptake

There is a lot of interest in the potential for personalised, location-based marketing, but South African retailers are slow to benefit from it, says Nolan Daniel, MD of Paradigm Group.


How to win the yellow jersey

There are quite a few similarities between professional cycling teams and modern, hybrid IT networks, says Wimpie van Rensburg, country manager - SA at Riverbed Technology.

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