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Three key (business continuity) questions

CEOs must understand their company's risk profile, as some firms are more at risk than others, says Leigh-Anne van As, business development manager at ContinuitySA.


Servers vs service - opportunity for resellers

Load shedding is driving SMEs to look for solutions to ensure their data is safe and always accessible, says Paballo Mamba, channel manager at MWEB Business.


MDM - capabilities that really matter

Mobile device management software should empower companies' mobile ambitions, not make working harder, says Richard Broeke, national sales manager at Securicom.


Time to replace your ERP system

Companies should do frequent gap analyses to see whether their ERP systems still meet their needs, says Jeremy Waterman, MD of Sage ERP Africa.


Strategic imperatives for HR in 2015

The high pace of the HR and payroll sector makes it difficult for the casual observer to keep up, says Anton van Heerden, managing director of Sage HR & Payroll.


Moving beyond the start-up phase

Building a great business takes more than hard work, good networking skills and a fair degree of luck, says Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc.


Making your brand available on every channel

Omnichannel is a perfect merger of the physical brick-and-mortar businesses and the virtual Web sites and online stores, says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.


Clearing up VOIP call quality

The Sintrex VOIP monitor is designed to analyse VOIP call quality based on various network parameters, says Adrienne Kotzé, product director of Sintrex.


How to deal with bad quality VOIP

Icasa has stipulated refunds that apply when a fault has been reported but remains unresolved for more than three days, says Mitchell Barker, founder of WhichVoip.

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