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DigiCore turns eye to Africa

The telematics business says Africa offers more exciting growth opportunities than what is available locally.


Oracle's Ellison slams competition

The ex-CEO takes a swipe at competitors, saying they all rely on the Oracle database.


PaaS powers new app development era

Platform as a service has seen a surge in uptake over the last two years.


'Just another OS'

Microsoft's technical preview of its next OS is expected tomorrow, and is seen as an opportunity to break away from the Windows 8 debacle.


Adapt IT develops Oil-in-One solution

The SAP fast-start solution helps companies in the oil and gas industry to better understand risk and uncover opportunities.


OutSystems Platform 9

OutSystems Platform 9 brings the speed and simplicity of visual RAD to native mobile app delivery.


Hard drive support crucial for data centres

Organisations must choose the right framework to form the foundation of a data-driven enterprise, says WD.


Infor presents Dynamic Science Labs

The internal organisation is focused on infusing machine-learning and big data analytics into Infor applications.


EA links IT, corporate governance

With enterprise architecture, various bodies of knowledge within a company become standardised, says Real IRM.

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