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Mobli introduces Mirage 2.0

Mobli Media has announced an updated version of its ephemeral instant messaging app.


Benu announces strategic funding, new CEO

Benu Networks has announced a $27.7 million strategic funding, and hired Dino Di Palma as CEO.


ZTE wins 30.77% share of China Mobile tender

The annual tender for high-performance routers isthe second-highest allocation among all vendors.


ZTE sets world record

The single carrier 400G ultra-long transmission fulfils ZTE's objective for future 400G and high-speed optical transmission.


Meggitt's US Army contract confirmed

Meggitt Training Systems has been reaffirmed as the supplier of the US Army's next-generation virtual small arms trainer.


Official launch of Ant Financial Services Group

Small and Micro Financial Services Company has announced its official name change to Ant Financial Services Group.


Liquid Telecom selects NTT Communications

NTT Communications has been selected by Liquid Telecom to provide IP transit services in Africa.


ZTE PON product shipments surge

ZTE ranks second in the global passive optical network market, according to global consulting firm Ovum.


Rimini Street announces preliminary Q3 results

The company has announced preliminary financial results for the third quarter ending 30 September 2014.

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