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Introducing Yahoo Livetext: a new way to connect

Yahoo Livetext blends the ease of texting  on iPhone and Android phones, with the immediacy and vividness of live video, but without the audio.


Call to organise joint licence for MPEG-DASH

MPEG LA anounces a call for patents essential to the MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP standards to offer the market access to this technology.


ZTE, Telcel Launch Blade V6 for Latin America

The ZTE Blade V6 is the first mobile phone to launch at Campus Party, and was revealed to hackers, developers, gamers and geeks at an exclusive event.


GSMA welcomes support for mobile broadband growth

Organisation hails strong decisions African governments took at this week's ATU meeting to foster the growth of mobile broadband across the continent.


JAC records strong export growth

The Chinese automaker's export grew by 41% year on year during H1 2015 despite a sluggish global market.


Adyen expands partnership with Uber

The global payments technology company will now power payments for the ride-hailing company's users in Casablanca, Morocco.


Terapeak and collaborate

The two companies will assist online retailers to source inventory from suppliers around the world.


ZTE launches flagship Axon Phone in China

It also unveiled a brand new wearable called the Axon Watch, as well as the China debut of the Spro 2 smart projector.


ZTE forecasts 43% rise in profit

The company expects to report a 43% increase in net profit for the first six months as a result of stronger sales of 4G LTE network systems.

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