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Absa to trial Visa's biometrics system

The bank will be the first locally to use Visa's specification to develop a proof of concept trial beginning later this year.


Solar motorbikes hit the road in Kenya

University of Nairobi students have created the Ecotran, a solar-powered rechargeable motorcycle.


CIOs meet growing challenges head-on

The Brainstorm CIO Survey 2015 shows a marked shift in CIO perceptions, with growth in the strategic roles CIOs are playing.


In-vehicle wireless charging set to surge

Fifty million vehicles will offer built-in wireless device charging by 2020, says Juniper Research.


Android desktop to ship soon

The Remix Mini is smaller than a tablet and can be pre-ordered for R410.


'Rise' initiative comes to SA

Barclays Africa establishes an accelerator programme for fintech start-ups in South Africa.


Watchdogs zoom in on 'big data' use

European banks and insurers could face new rules to control their use of 'big data' to target customers.


Tyco improves Illustra Flex IP camera series

The Illustra Flex Outdoor Mini-Domes give end users a better IP video solution in demanding, colder environments.


Live life in colour

The Clint Asgard series is an audio streaming system which allows you fill every room with high quality sound.

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