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R84bn smart city to encompass pervasive ICT

Modderfontein New City will be the first smart city in SA with services and systems designed into the fabric of the built environment.

Smart city elements will not be limited to ICT functions, encompassing energy, healthcare, water, waste and education.


Eskom, govt drag feet on distributed generators

Lack of will to create a working framework to enable distributed generators in SA holds back progress, says First Solar.


IOT presents new data availability challenges

The Internet of things will put immense pressure on organisations delivering IT, says Veeam.


Standard Bank hub seeks innovations

The idea behind the PlayRoom is to unearth disruptive ideas from staff, customers and start-up businesses, the bank says.


China demands tech firms' source code

Beijing will reportedly force companies selling computer equipment to banks to hand over secret source code and undergo sensitive audits.


BCX addresses cloud and data analytics challenges

Cloud has come of age and become an essential driver for business efficiency and growth, says Business Connexion.


Malware extorts ransom in Bitcoins

Cyber criminals spread malicious code to encrypt their victims' files and extort a ransom in Bitcoins, says ESET.


SA start-up heads to UK smart city project

Mellowcabs is among 12 initial finalists who will test their tech in a UK smart city development.


Gartner predicts 4.9bn connected 'things' by 2015

By 2020, 250 million connected vehicles will enable new in-vehicle services and driving capabilities.

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