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'Shamed' EduSolution gets e-learning deal

Gauteng's Department of Education appoints EduSolution to supply tablets and smartboards to schools despite its dodgy track record.


IT growth to come from emerging markets

Half the growth in the IT market over the next years will come from emerging economies, says EMC.


Digital platforms driving enterprise innovation

Enterprises need a platform for digital innovation – delivered from the cloud, says IBM.


Smartwatches vulnerable to attack, says HP

A study shows smartwatches do not have enough built-in security functions to withstand cyber attacks.


Trend Micro gets compatible with Microsoft OS

Trend Micro Security 10 is a security solution that is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, which will be launched later this week.


Bolivia expands urban cable car system

La Paz's urban cable car system, complete with WiFi, will soon triple in size to nine lines traversing the administrative capital city.


Chi-X founder in blockchain tech venture

Former Chi-X head Peter Randall joins the race to bring the system that tracks digital-currency transactions to the wider financial world.


IPv6 unlocks new Internet possibilities

The updated version, which replaces IPv4, offers several functionality enhancements.


Konica Minolta SA shows environmental commitment

The company has planted 5 271 trees in the past year, in addition to 4 600 bamboo plants, in partnership with FTFA, SA's first environmental social enterprise.

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