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IBM's cloud business enjoying 'breakthrough year'

The computing company will grow data centre capacity by 25% thanks to demand.


E-commerce slow to bite into bricks and mortar

The R6 billion shoppers will spend online this year is miniscule in comparison to what is being outlaid at physical stores.


MEA PC market grows slightly in third quarter

Around 4.26 million units were shipped during the quarter but tablet demand threatens further growth, the IDC says.


Dumped vintage videogame sent to Smithsonian

A copy of a vintage ET Atari videogame from a New Mexico landfill has made its way to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.


Disruptive tech hits storage sector

The storage sector had its fair share of disruptive technologies in 2014, says X-IO.


Workforce demands shift business models

Employers shift policies to accommodate changing attitudes at the workplace, says Cisco.


Obama writes code

This week's top six global trends that piqued our interest or had us scratching our heads.


Looking beyond Agile

The ITWeb Software Development Management Conference in March will explore SDM trends.


Original Apple PC sells for $365k

A fully operational Apple PC that Steve Jobs sold out of his parents' garage in 1976 for $600 sold for $365 000 at Christie's yesterday.

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