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IBM buys AlchemyAPI to boost Watson

The purchase is designed to boost IBM's push into more human-like computing services, based around its Watson technology.


China says nothing to fear from anti-terror law

The proposed anti-terrorism law will not affect the legitimate interests of technology firms, says China.


German automakers shift to high-end electric cars

The country's carmakers shift focus, in the latest effort to revive environmentally-friendly but unpopular zero-emission vehicles.


Actifio gathers execs for enterprise cloud talks

Executives discussed how best to collaborate in navigating the move towards the cloud, at the eCloud Summit in Austin, Texas.


Forensic holodeck recreates crime scenes

University of Zurich researchers create a forensic holodeck, which compiles crime scene evidence into 3D crime re-enactments.


Wearables talk at MWC

Pundits took to the stage to showcase the benefits of their wearable devices yesterday.


Forrester Research names Sophos a leader

The company has been positioned as a leader in Forrester Research's report: The Forrester Wave: Endpoint Encryption, Q1 2015. [Local rep: NetXactics]


DST falls off track

The Department of Science and Technology met less than 10% of its targets for the 2014/2015 second quarter, and only 15% in the third quarter.


MWC is all about the connected world

Connected homes, toothbrushes, cars and tennis rackets gather interest at Mobile World Congress 2015.

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In his presentation entitled: Big data shifts gears to the internet of things, Dr Barry Devlin, founder and principal at 9sight Consulting will expand on why internet of things (IoT) data is very different from social media and other 'traditional' big data.
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