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Fighting cyber crime in Nigeria

Nigerian cyber criminals believe in networking, and make use of the slightest opportunities available for financial gain.


Big data offers telcos new revenue streams

Telcos need a strategy to mine and analyse structured and unstructured data to get new revenue streams, says SAP.


Cape Town is SA's most congested city

TomTom's Traffic Index data shows Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria have SA's heaviest traffic.


Honda to test self-driving prototypes

The car-maker is set to test self-driving vehicles on private roads at a former US naval facility.


Tablets in schools - hindrance or help?

Tablets are a great way to store content, but they do not provide a means to create content to the same level that laptops do, says Richard Firth, chairman and CEO of MIP Holdings.


Cisco invests R60m in SKA

The US-based company becomes the Square Kilometre Array's technology partner.


IBM to invest $3bn in Internet of things

To sell its expertise in making sense of the surge in real-time data, IBM will pour $3 billion into an Internet of things unit.


Bionic ants could be tomorrow's factory workers

Technology firm Festo believes bionic ants that work together could be the future of factory production systems.


IOT already shaping local society

The Internet of things is already deeply embedded in SA's industrial and commercial infrastructure, says Rean van Niekerk, MD of Metacom.

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