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SA to export successful energy programme

The Department of Energy looks to transfer its independent power producer renewable energy programme to other governments.


Don't blame us if we ignore ICT policy: ICASA CEO

The recently published white paper creates confusion and stifles investment, says the regulator.


IBM invades chatbot space

The company unveils Watson Virtual Agent, a cognitive computing technology, in a bid to tap into the growing chatbot market.


Tesla Motors turns profit

As Tesla reports its first quarterly net profit in more than three years, it says it does not require any capital to be raised for the Model 3.


ASUS gets expert tips for computer users

The company got industry experts to discuss the habits that promote optimal health behind the screen.


WNS unveils skills development academy

The facility will provide specialised training for new entrants to the business process outsourcing industry.


Chatbots not yet ready to replace humans

Most bots are not ready to handle the complexities of conversation and still depend on human intervention to succeed, say analysts.


Nissan, Renault open to tech partnerships

The automakers are willing to partner with other companies to equip their vehicles with sophisticated technology.


Augmented reality app downloads to surge

The popularity of Pokémon GO has inspired app developers to incorporate AR technologies into their applications.


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