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Kaizen IT Solutions merges with First Technology

First Technology's back-end infrastructure and enterprise account management can now be utilised to the benefit of Kaizen IT Solutions' clients.


Budget constraints? Why not rent instead?

Business tools can be expensive and a strain on cash flow, says Qrent.


Seeing shades of grey just got easier

People are not used to asking what was sold and finding the biggest insight was gained from what was not sold, says James Fisher, VP of Global Product Marketing at Qlik.


Obsidian toasts power of open source

Mozilla OS evangelist Schalk Neethling will speak at the Obsidian Systems Free Beer Sessions event, on 12 March.


Business survival guide during load-shedding

In order to put mitigation strategies in place to deal with load-shedding, companies first need to understand what the implications are, says Michael Davies, CEO of ContinuitySA.


Renting IT equipment boosts cash flow

Renting is a good way to save cash when starting a new product line or opening up another office, says InnoVent.


Westcon only Symantec distributor in SADC

Westcon has announced that Symantec has extended the value-added distributor's footprint in the SADC region.


Apex, One Channel impact African warehousing

The local warehousing management solutions provider, has partnered with Africa's fastest-growing ERP service provider.


POPI complicates BI, data analytics

POPI will enforce fairly strict information processing principles, says privacy advisor Russell Opland.

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In his presentation entitled: Big data shifts gears to the internet of things, Dr Barry Devlin, founder and principal at 9sight Consulting will expand on why internet of things (IoT) data is very different from social media and other 'traditional' big data.
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