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Companies outsource payroll, HR

Organisations are looking for external support to streamline their payroll and HR environments.


Edit Microsystems recognised by Frost & Sullivan

Then company scooped the award for 'Best Practices in Customer Service Leadership within the eEducation industry'.


DiData receives IDC nod

The company was named the leading IT services provider in SA in 2013, by the International Data Corporation.


Questions to ask your infrastructure partner

Companies must consider their current and future infrastructure needs, including the utilisation of cloud technology, says Ralph Berndt, director - Sales, Client Relationship and Marketing at Syrex.


2014: year of many connections

The VOIP services market will enjoy continuous growth due to the cost-effectiveness it offers consumers and businesses, says Mitchell Barker, founder and CEO of www.WhichVoIP.co.za.


Real-time billing app for lawyers

The MobiTrac app is designed for lawyers to bill their mobile calls according to their hourly consultation rate.


Capitalising on IOT

According to a study by AVG Technologies, MSPs and vendors are not doing enough to benefit from the Internet of things, says Phoenix Distribution.


Which is best, mobi or responsive?

A responsive design allows the 'desktop' Web site to adjust its layout based on the device's browser width, says Concero IT.


NTT named a Gartner 'Challenger'

Gartner has positioned NTT in the "Challengers" Quadrant of the 2014 Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, Worldwide.

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The Forum, Bryanston
Father of GRC' to speak in SA
The need for governance, risk and compliance to drive value for business stakeholders will be highlighted by Michael Rasmussen, a renowned expert on governance, risk and compliance at ITWeb's annual GRC event next year.
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