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Internet of things grows on consumers

A study finds over two-thirds of consumers plan to buy connected technology for their homes in the next five years.


Industry seeks mobile payments standard

Snap, click, flick, scan, zap and M-pesa are fast becoming verbs in the mobile payments space, but integration is lacking.


Google becomes 'mission-critical'

The search giant, which listed 10 years ago this week, is an integral part of our lives and is deepening our reliance on it.


How Facebook impacts the mobile industry

Strand Consult outlines four ways in which the world's largest social network impacts the mobile industry.


Japanese tech giants help farmers

The companies apply their energy-saving and cloud technology expertise to help farmers cope with shifting weather patterns.


'Gentler' call rates in offing

ICASA's chosen termination rate costing model indicates its new regime will be less drastic in terms of asymmetry and initial rate reduction.


Disruptive business models need innovation rethink

The emergence of new business models and technologies make it essential to rethink innovation, says Frost & Sullivan.


Takealot unveils Google Glass offering

Local consumers can expect to fork out R26 999, while Google SA is not involved in the product's availability.


Samsung buys home-automation start-up

The electronics maker will buy SmartThings, a start-up backed by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin that helps connect household devices.

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