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The importance of network for unified communications

A successful UC system in an enterprise environment requires a solid network infrastructure, says Rikus Jansen, Head of Voice & Unified Communications at EOH.


Get testing done in a sprint

The effort a company invests in testing and automation will govern how successful it is at delivering a releasable piece of software at the end of a sprint, says Mandy Schoeman, founder and MD of Scrum Solutions.


MSPs become integrators of multiple services

The cloud has changed the game, and managed service providers' portfolios must be redesigned with the cloud in mind, says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.


Hybrid cloud bridges tech, business divide

To bring business and IT together to transform a company, it needs to understand and acknowledge the promise cloud brings, says Richard Vester, director of EOH Cloud Services.


Important to make smart innovation investments

To support the best financial strategies for innovation, firms must be able to analyse information quickly to aid agile decision-making, says Johani Marais, Channel Manager Africa, Epicor Software Corporation.


The evolution of publishing

Print revenues will continue to dominate the publishing market globally, says practice leader in digital media at Ovum Nick Thomas.


Write once cross-platform enterprise mobility solutions

A MEAP, such as MobileFrame, is a mobileapplication that works across multiple operating systems and devices to suit customers' needs, says director of MakeMeMobile Andrew Fosbrook.


Adopting voice technology in the supply chain

The technology is helping organisations drive efficiencies and productivity across their supply chains, says Director of MakeMeMobile Andrew Fosbrook.


SA mid-size market grapples cloud headache

Mid-size enterprises are keen to explore the benefits of the cloud, but few have a clear roadmap for doing so, says Neal Daines, Operations Director at Juniper partner and network experts Intelys Technology Africa.

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