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The Zen of cloud communications

Zendesk is a cloud-based incident management application that integrates feeds from multiple customer communications channels, says Rob Lith, director at Connection Telecom.


Financial fraud solutions at our fingertips

Fraud is one of the biggest threats to business for the financial services sector, says Nick Perkins, divisional director, Identity Management, Bytes System Integration.


Address data protection concerns today

There needs to be a fluidity and flexibility to business continuity to cater for unsuspecting issues, says Michael Law, CEO of Attix5.


Seeing shades of grey just got easier

People are not used to asking what was sold and finding the biggest insight was gained from what was not sold, says James Fisher, VP of Global Product Marketing at Qlik.


Business survival guide during load-shedding

In order to put mitigation strategies in place to deal with load-shedding, companies first need to understand what the implications are, says Michael Davies, CEO of ContinuitySA.


Thinking outside the (post)box

EDDBox is a cloud-based document storage facility designed specifically for bills, statements, invoices and other electronic documents, says Gavin Dunlop, CEO of Actnet.


Are your thermal ribbons eco-friendly?

The SolFree range of thermal transfer ribbons uses a solvent-free process in the manufacture of the ribbons, making them more eco-friendly, says Frikkie Koegelenberg, MD of inAni.


SMEs need not spend big on IT

With the advent of cloud computing, small business owners will no longer see IT as a grudge purchase, says Brian Timperley, MD of Cloudware Technologies.


Offer MDM solutions users won't oppose

Businesses need to change their approach to managing mobile devices, says Jonathan Kropf, CEO of Cloud On Demand.

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