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POPI - time to act is now

Simply put, if your business processes personal information, then you must comply with POPI, says Gavin Dunlop, CEO of Actnet.


Spam will never be solved

Companies need better filters in the cloud to fight spam, says Richard Broeke, national sales manager at Securicom.


What is SDN? Why is it so important?

Software-defined networking is a phrase that has been popping up with increasing regularity, says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.


Trends affecting payroll, HR

Many businesses will look at the cloud as a way to save operational and capital costs in their IT environments, including payroll systems, says Anton van Heerden, MD of Sage HR & Payroll.


Malcolm in the middle

Agile is either introduced as a directive from the top or an organic push from the bottom, with the middle manager translating instructions from above into actions below, says Stephen de Villiers Graaff, principal agile consultant at DVT.


Is printing still an art?

The art of printing has evolved from a mechanical ability to the use of software to drive up the level of quality, says Leon Minnie, product manager: production systems at Konica Minolta SA.


ERP doesn't fail projects, projects fail ERP

ERP projects have a bad reputation, says Keith Fenner, Senior Vice-President Sales, Sage ERP X3 AAMEA.


MWEB Business presents top tech trends

The swing towards fibre will continue to accelerate, and the cost of fibre connectivity will decline significantly, says Roman Hogh, head of Product Research and Development at MWEB Business.


Cloud security dangers exaggerated

Security is always a balance of risk versus reward, says Richard Vester, director of Cloud Services at EOH.

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