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The business of cyber crime: making money off your mistakes

Cyber criminals are making money by exploiting flaws within companies' technology and processes, says Brandon Bekker, MD of Mimecast MEA.


SMAC can increase business competitiveness

The upsurge in social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies demand that companies put in place simpler software platforms to support their growth, says Keith Fenner, VP of Sage X3 International.


Avoid that broke feeling

SMEs should learn to manage their risk and improve their odds of success, says Steven Cohen, head of Sage One International (Africa, Australia, Middle East and Asia).


Phase 2 Three Sixty has heart and soul

This is a business that genuinely cares about turning a profit with integrity, says Samantha Muller, Marketing and Client Relationship Manager at Phase 2 Three Sixty.


Comparex SA helps SMEs with network performance issues

It is important to know where to look when it comes to solving slow network response times, says Hailey Parker, sales manager at Comparex SA.


Small businesses face cash flow conundrum

Accounting, payroll and business management solutions now offer visual reporting tools, which can help, says Charles Teversham, Managing Director of Sage Intelligence.


Can BYOD sharpen the line between work and home?

Introducing BYOD into the contact centre environment has proven to have a positive impact on engagement, says Stephen Ball, Senior Vice President of Europe and Africa at Aspect Software.


A limit on award of compensation ito the EEA

An Employment Equity Act amendment gives CCMA commissioners the power to arbitrate an unfair discrimination dispute where the employee earns less than a threshold amount, says Deirdre Venter, Partner, Employment at Webber Wentzel.

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