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Smart metering could solve power crisis

The solution is a smart metering service platform, combined with retrofitted communication modules on the end-point meters, says Martin Vergunst, Business Solutions Executive at T-Systems South Africa.


Sales strategies must evolve

Disruptive technologies have changed the IT needs of customers, and companies must change their selling approaches to adapt, says Richard Blewitt, sales director of Aptronics.


Ensuring agile delivers quality

Many companies believe scrum and agile are the same, but scrum is merely a part of agile, says Jaco Viljoen, agile specialist at IndigoCube.


EOH offers all-in-one cloud platform

Combining cloud computing with application and desktop virtualisation in a single platform gives companies the best of both worlds, says Richard Vester, director of EOH Cloud Services.


Absence of backup, recovery equals disaster

Selecting the right backup system or service should be one of the first things a company does, says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.


Mobilise, connect, encourage with m-commerce

Transferring money using a mobile phone should be as easy and affordable as sending an SMS, says Rajiv Bhatia, head of Mobile Commerce Sales EMEA, Ericsson.



A solid business intelligence strategy cannot exist without master data management, as a report is only as good as the data from which it is drawn, says Marilynn Leonard, divisional head of data at Xpertek.


Training brings ISO22301 BCM to life

Training lets executives who take on business continuity management responsibility learn what the standard means in practical terms, says Humbulani Sigidane, BCM advisor at ContinuitySA.


Choosing the right cloud provider

Companies must take a critical approach to avoid being wooed by smooth talkers who are not able to deliver, says Jed Hewson, Director at 1Stream.

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