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Smart filing of documents in the cloud

EDDBox is a cloud-based document storage technology that keeps bills, statements, invoices and other electronic documents in order, says Gavin Dunlop, CEO, ACTNET.


SMEs look for streamlined payment solutions

Integrating the Sage Pay platforms with Sage Pastel Accounting, Sage Pastel Payroll and Sage VIP helps clients streamline the movement of money, says Charles Pittaway, MD of Sage Pay.

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Tender Watch: Software season

This week's National Tender Bulletin favours those in the business of software.


Revolutionising data centres

Companies should modernise their data centre infrastructure and consider emerging challenges that can be used with existing data centre investments, says Bertie Strydom, MD of BT-SA.


Regular testing vital for DR planning

When disaster strikes is no time to discover that some component of the recovery plan isn't performing, says Peter Westcott, senior BCM advisor at ContinuitySA.


Getting started with document management

A US study found that only 41% of IT professionals had invested in document management, says Hennie Kruger, DDS product and marketing manager of Oce South Africa.


Supply chain impacts: are you ready?

The supply chain is not only sensitive to the pressures from global trends, but also needs to be the first that has to respond to them, says David Telford, senior director, sector group and industry partner lead, Qlik.


Taking power back during energy crisis

Netshield has introduced the Netshield Inverter/Charger with SOHO, SME and home users in mind, says Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield SA.


Break free of the boardroom with WebRTC

Technology revolutionises videoconferencing, to the point where you no longer need special hardware, locales or applications, says Rob Lith, business development director Connection Telecom.

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