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Traditional processes hamper agile development

In contrast, the agile approach delivers projects faster and potentially more cost-effectively, as well as ensuring they fully support business objectives, says Clydie Cronje, director of projects and risk at EOH MC Solutions.


Softlog.Onboard released for KYOCERA Document Solutions

The solution is the latest addition to the Softlog suite for the cost management and recovery of photocopies, scans and faxes directly from the multi-function device, says Gavin Dunlop, CEO, Actnet.


Connecting the unconnected through innovation

One sure-fire way to effectively innovate is to adapt an existing channel to a new use, says Ebrahim Dinat, COO at contact centre solutions provider, Ocular Technologies.


ContinuitySA: note business continuity management standards

The development of robust standards is a sign that a professional discipline is maturing, says Pete Frielinghaus, senior BCM advisor at ContinuitySA.


Putting people first

Emergency communications saves lives, says Patrick Alcantara, senior research associate for the Business Continuity Institute.


Does CIO stand for 'career is over'?

The traditional role of the chief information officer as senior IT specialist is over, says Denis Bensch, director of Product Development at FlowCentric Technologies.


Local business needs a shake-up

Digital CEM is not a product, it is a philosophy that depends on a business-wide mind-set and culture change, says Nicholas Leck, Microsoft Solutions executive at EOH MC.


Ask questions before choosing an IT helpdesk

With the right helpdesk software, companies can implement ITIL best practices out of the box, says Gowri Shankar (Shane) Prem Kumar, technical support at ITR Technology. 


Management System for Records encourages holistic thinking

Management systems provide methodologies to make decisions and manage resources to achieve the organisation's goals, says Louisa Venter, senior EIM consultant at Datacentrix.

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