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HP Sprocket
HP Sprocket
A pint-sized photo printer with a pint-sized drawback.
James Francis
Review: 8/10
Sony Xperia X Compact
Sony Xperia X Compact
With cheaper smartphones aggressively flooding the market, Sony might find...
Admire Moyo
Review: 7/10
Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5: Hit or miss?
Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5: Hit or miss?
Samsung recently launched a revamp of their Galaxy A phones. They are simi...
Andre Schild
Review: 7/10
Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus - Time to upgrade, or not?
Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus - Time to upgrade, or not?
An in-depth check-list of changes and improvements to help you decide – is...
Andre Schild
Review: 8/10


Uber stripped of London licence

Transport regulator says Uber's conduct poses risks to public safety and it would not renew its licence.
22 Sep 2017


MultiChoice looks to AI to boost offerings

The company deploys IBM Watson to improve programming as well as customer engagement.
21 Sep 2017


Synergy leads digital race to XBRL readiness

Any business wanting to implement XBRL should select a partner that will provide the correct support and training, says Synergy.
20 Sep 2017


Hashtag Live, Discover Digital partner to support local creatives

The two companies are providing young creatives in SA's townships with a digital platform to showcase their work.
19 Sep 2017


Bitcoin firm Luno eyes European expansion, raises R120m

The company, with offices in offices in London, Singapore and Cape Town, wants to spread wings to 35 new markets.
19 Sep 2017


VW is 'second mover' in electric commercial vehicles

Volkswagen chief executive says the company would rather "check a couple of times more whether the standards are right".
18 Sep 2017

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LeapPad Ultra LeapPad Ultra
The LeapPad Ultra comes at a time when there is growing concern about children's exposure to con...
Admire Moyo
Review: 8/10

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat app Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat app
The Cat in the Hat iPad app provides a faithful retelling of one of the...
Joanne Carew
Review: 10/10

Cut the Rope iPad game Cut the Rope iPad game
Chillingo’s Cut the Rope for iPad game is both fun and challenging.
Rayhaan Joseph
Review: 6/10

Printing and imaging

To the rescue
The Mobilize Rescue System is a toolbox to help people keep someone alive while waiting for paramedics to arrive. It consists of an interactive, touch-screen system, and provides knowledge and equipment that untrained bystanders need to lend a hand during medical emergencies.
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