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Businesses feel true cost of downtime

The 2017 Veeam Software Availability Report shows unplanned service downtown costs each enterprise surveyed an average of $21.8 million a year.


Thaver leaves Cisco for Bowline Security

Vernon Thaver plans to bring positive change in mind-sets as Bowline's new chief security and technology officer.


Strategic marketing helps CEOs increase revenue

In today's experience economy, business leaders must think of customer experience as a competitive advantage, says Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence.


Analysis: How do Accenture's acquisitions match its tech vision?

With 10 deals completed in 2017, Accenture is leaving many of its competitors in its dust, writes analyst Paul Booth.


Uncover true market intelligence with AMO

Analytical Market Optimisation from Effective Intelligence lets companies measure market share and target predictable market segments.


IT help wanted: CIOs need not apply

It's less about developing and implementing a digital strategy, and more about formulating a business strategy for a digital economy, says Simon Carpenter, chief technology advisor at SAP Africa.


CyberArk releases framework for reducing privileged credential risk

The CISO View research recommends a 30-day sprint to mitigate privileged credential vulnerabilities.


IT decentralisation hits SA businesses

The majority of organisations are looking outside the IT department for the next wave of technology disruption.


Manage those assets

For the CIO, an effective asset management solution means being able to make informed business decisions based on knowing what assets exist in the company's environment, says Shailendra Harri, BMC Software Business Development at CHM Vuwani.

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