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Where to for WiFi?

Signs from 2014 are encouraging, showing SA is headed in the right direction to take advantage of increased connectivity.

ICT's most active year

Mergers, acquisitions, listings and de-listings – it all happened in 2014.

To infinity and beyond

With a renewed global interest in space exploration, the possibilities are endless.

Microsoft in hot water

China levies $140 million in back taxes from Microsoft in the first major case concerning cross-border tax evasion in the country.

Passport to nowhere

BlackBerry Passport is one hell of a phone. But it has one hell of a problem: its mobile ecosystem.

IBM takes to the skies

The company is taking over Lufthansa's IT infrastructure services division, in a deal worth €1 billion.

Never judge a Facebook by its cover

A Facebook profile speaks louder than a thousand words; it's just that the words are often of the furthest-thing-from-the-truth variety.

Yahoo on a roll

The Internet firm acquires BrightRoll, provider of an automated advertising service, for $640 million.

Too late to change

If there is anything life has taught us, it's that not learning from history is a clear path to failure.

Qualcomm scrutinised from all sides

The company is the focus of regulatory investigations in Europe and the US, as well as China.

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