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Nicola Mawson

Nicola Mawson

Telkom's restructuring is short-sighted

The telco's inability to provide a service will only worsen when more staff exit its employ.

Bonnie Tubbs

Bonnie Tubbs


And while you're at it, bring back the transparency and accountability as well.

Martin Czernowalow

Martin Czernowalow

What about the state of ICT?

Considering the state of the nation, it is unlikely ICT will get any meaningful airtime in the State of the Nation Address.

Nicola Mawson

Nicola Mawson

Home affairs shouldn't bother

If modernisation doesn't take the pain out of dealing with officialdom, then why did home affairs spend all that money?

Bonnie Tubbs

Bonnie Tubbs

Is there life after Facebook?

If yesterday's outage triggered any moment of clarity, it's that our online lifeline might not be around forever.

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