Karabina wins Microsoft Partner Network Business Intelligence Award for 10th time in its 14-year history

Johannesburg, 08 Oct 2014
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Karabina, part of the iSPartners group, was once again named the Business Intelligence Partner of the Year at the Microsoft Partner Network Awards held at the Inanda Polo Club in Johannesburg on 2 October.

The prestigious event, attended by Microsoft partners and the leadership of Microsoft South Africa, showcases the capabilities and solutions that the various partners bring to the market.

In order to win the coveted award, Karabina demonstrated how it is has created a set of market-relevant solutions that support driving business value for the client. Innovation was a key factor with the company displaying how it consistently solves customer problems with the best technologies Microsoft has to offer by creating high-value solutions and delivering meaningful return on investment for the client.

Karabina was also named as a finalist in the following categories: Content and Collaboration Partner of the Year; and Industry Partner of the Year. The company demonstrated how it has taken solutions to the mining, manufacturing, retail, financial services and franchise industries.

The business intelligence win for this year marked another milestone for Karabina, with it being the 10th business intelligence win with Microsoft since the inception of the Awards and Partner programmes in 2003. In 2003, Karabina won the award as the Microsoft EMEA Business Intelligence Solution Provider for the region, which in turn made the company a finalist in the World Wide Partner awards.

Grant van der Wal, CEO of Karabina, says: "It has been a privilege to help our customers succeed in leveraging the Microsoft platform. Microsoft has been a great partner in our 14-year history, providing us with the best and leading business intelligence platform in the market to innovate on. It has been an awesome journey for us."

Ryan Jamieson, CTO of Karabina, went on to comment: "Our achievement in being Microsoft Business Intelligence Partner of the Year for 10 years is through the amazing suite of products Microsoft gives us to solution with. From the early days of our business using the first enterprise-level data warehouse and OLAP platform, SQL 2000, to the newest capabilities of Machine Learning, Analytics Platform System, HDInsight and Power BI, Microsoft supports the maturity and growth of Karabina. We invest heavily in acquiring the skills and knowledge required in this changing world so that we can bring Microsoft's leading-edge capabilities to our customers."

Dave Ives, Director and Head of Solutions at Karabina, says: "By focusing on customer value, delivering insight and industry knowledge, we have been able to build on our leadership role in the Microsoft business intelligence space. Winning this award for more than 10 years is a testament to our capability and drive for customer success. With the extension of these services into cloud and mobility, we are excited about delivering even more innovation and value to our customers."

Customers' requirements have changed over the years and Karabina has been able to move with the changes because of a team of highly experienced consultants and leadership that is future focused. Long, drawn-out engagements with return on investment only being seen many months or years down the line has changed to rapid and agile engagements and projects. These are more cost-effective and show clients value and return straight away. This thinking has been central to Karabina building its business in the business intelligence space over the 14 years and being in a solid position to offer our range of specialised services to both large and small businesses in southern Africa.

"Our customer success with Microsoft business intelligence over the past 14 years, has given us the experience needed to develop pre-packaged Microsoft business intelligence solutions for all major ERP packages and payroll. This has enabled us to continue delivering success to the enterprise and corporate customers, but at the same time introduce a more affordable and rapidly deployable Microsoft business intelligence solution for mid- to small-sized businesses," says Heath Turner, Director of Karabina Software.

Each year, Karabina has taken its innovations to the next level by ensuring it addresses local challenges facing business in South Africa and beyond South Africa's borders. Being able to provide solutions in an ever-changing and competitive environment is providing the Karabina client base with the ability to be a step ahead of the competition. It also clearly demonstrates Karabina's ability to develop and deliver world-class solutions in not only the business intelligence space but CRM and SharePoint as well.

In line with the company's total support of its partner Microsoft, Van der Wal concludes: "Going forward, we know we will help Microsoft empower every person and every organisation to do more and achieve more."

Karabina Solutions

Karabina is a business technology solutions company focused on delivering business impact through the application of relevant and cost-effective technologies. Part of the iSPartners Group established in 2001, the company is a premier Gold Certified Microsoft solutions provider in southern Africa, specialising in business intelligence, customer relationship management, data management and SharePoint solutions. More information on Karabina is available at or call +27 11 463 8155.

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