Discovery Health chooses Splunk

Johannesburg, 10 Sep 2012
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Exponant, a leader in delivering groundbreaking solutions using smart technologies and highly skilled people and the master reseller in sub-Saharan Africa for Splunk, today announced that Discovery Health had chosen Splunk to help it with providing analytics data from its log files.

“We were looking for a long-term Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product that would also map onto and integrate with our strategic objectives,” commented Marc Silver of Discovery Health. “Splunk has enabled us to start on the process of providing a full-blooded SIEM solution; it is easy to use, enables the plug-in of third-party products and also provides financial savings.

“Providing analytics from our log files was just our initial requirement,” continued Silver. “However, we also see Splunk being used for the analysis and monitoring of our application and Web servers, our firewalls, and our Active Direct Domain controllers, among the myriad applications/capabilities the product may provide for us going forward.”

“Although it is early days with Discovery's usage and exploitation of Splunk,” says Wolfgang Selzer, Executive Manager at Exponant, “it is already evident that they see a much broader set of roles for Splunk to play outside of the security environment. We are excited at the opportunities already highlighted for the use of Splunk within Discovery and look forward to working with them to maximise their use of the product.”

Discovery Holdings is a leading financial services institution founded on the principles of consumer engagement and wellness. Its approach to financial products is highly differentiated and involves integrating its entire product range with its science-based wellness programme, Vitality. The integration with Vitality has enabled it to improve its competitive position by offering unique products with better benefits and at a lower price than its competitors.

In South Africa, it operates in the health insurance market through Discovery Health, the life assurance market through Discovery Life, the financial services market through Discovery Invest and DiscoveryCard, and in the wellness arena through Discovery Vitality. All operating subsidiaries are 100% owned by Discovery.

For further information, please contact Wolfgang Selzer; tel. (012) 663 0160; fax (012) 663 5678; e-mail


Since first shipping its software in 2006, Splunk now has over 4 000 customers in 80+ countries. These organisations are using Splunk to improve service levels, reduce operations costs, mitigate security risks, enable compliance, enhance DevOps collaboration, and create new product and service offerings. With Splunk, they break down traditional data silos, achieve new levels of operational intelligence and gain insights that benefit IT.


Exponant, originally founded in 1998, is a software, services and consulting company that includes a significant focus on monitoring and detection solutions in the areas of security, operations and application management.

In this regard, it is the master reseller in sub-Saharan Africa for Splunk and is a reseller for many global security brands, such as AlienVault, Check Point Software Technologies, Imperva, Trend and WebSense.

Although not exclusively focused on any specific markets, it is very strong in the financial, telecommunications, mining and engineering sectors.

Exponant is rated as a level 4 contributor BBBEE company and has customers from both the private and public sectors.

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