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Johannesburg, 16 Apr 2014
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How people connect with jobs, with their peers, with their professional communities and especially with the companies that employ them ... has changed. Has your recruitment practice? Because it needs to. And it can with allaboutXpert.

The divisions between social movements demanding change, individuals presenting themselves as competency profiles, businesses offering benefits, NGOs representing community needs and people publishing their "selves" with selfies are melting.

These personal, company, professional, brand and group identities meet online and interact in new and ever-changing ways for purposes and outcomes whose potential is only vaguely understood ... except by companies like allaboutXpert, because the company made it its business to understand.

A single person can have multiple relationships with multiple types of identity. And, equally, so can multiple people (working together in a business, for instance) interact as a single identity. With a full range of possibilities in between.

So, when it comes to recruitment, letting people know you need someone to work for you, or responding with a "try me for that", CV submission is now an act of collaboration with identities comprising a network of communication and information.

You can turn your recruitment spend (effort, time and cost) into a part of your brand presence online, ensuring social networks and on-line communities interact with your business. You can claw back unrealised value from advertising and agency costs. And you can build personal relationships with potential employees and their extended networks

Recruitment in a network environment is no different. Except that your data is restricted to local patterns and limited sources. In other words, it's easier ... if you know how. As we do.

Instead of using algorithms to extract the information you need, you behave online (as a digital avatar) in ways that attract the information you need instead. In other words you use your recruitment approach as an information generator. Identity triggers response. Communication becomes information. Marketing, recruiting, selling, befriending and creating relationships all happen at the same time. Who knows what the payback could be.

Obviously shifting your recruitment approach takes time to reap these 'network' benefits. But working with a partner who knows how and whose services are offered through a platform which provides a digital network to mirror the human one, as ours does, can cut lead times significantly. AllaboutXpert's people teams are equally networked, so there's always someone who knows what's happening to you and to your account.

In such a network, communication and information are, in fact, indistinguishable. Collaboration IS communication and communication IS information. Together they equal value. You've read about this as the new theory of market value. Now shake hands with the reality, on line, or face to face, by connecting through us to its vibrant truth.

As the largest recruitment network, candidate population and company structure devoted to these services in the country, our virtual network is huge. Standard recruitment services (matching, pre-interviewing, capability testing, job specification, career pathing, etc.) sit behind our revolutionary and organic approach to attracting skills, and are applied seamlessly; we've shifted away from the plodding process view to the continuously contributing digital identity in a non-stop flow of market communication.

Quite simply, allaboutXpert sees your recruitment effort, and the spend associated with it, as a brand event, and the company gives it all the care, support, attention to detail and careful relationship management that brand events rightfully demand.

Work with allaboutXpert and shorten your process, simplify your selection procedures, cut costs and boost your employer attractiveness!

Your best friends forever will soon include your future staff members, who are out there right now looking for friends while you're reading this; they might even be reading it too. Don't make them wait for an invitation. It's so last century.

Join allaboutXpert instead ... in this one.

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